Tidy Tote


Hectic and chaotic are two words that could best describe the past few weeks. After misplacing a somewhat important school assignment this weekend (completely out of the norm for me), I realized my school bag was definitely not up to par. Random tissues, cough drop wrappers, and post-it's were scattered on the bottom and I couldn't help but cringe at my disorganization. 

This week, I'm really trying to do a better job of keeping things where they belong in my bag. Anyone else experiencing a messy school/work bag dilemma too?   Here are my current goals for maintaining organization.

1.) Put Things Where They Belong I will definitely be working on making a more conscious effort to not just throw things in my bag, but put them away where they belong. If it's a cough drop wrapper, throw it away after class. Sticky note I need to see later? Stick it inside my planner. Everything has a spot in my bag, and even if it takes an extra few seconds putting things where they belong will help my bag stay that much more tidy.

2.) Take a Minute to Clean it Out It's so easy to make the excuse "I don't have time for that!" when it comes to simple tasks. Whether it's right before I start my homework or taking a study break, taking a minute or two to clean out any trash allows me start fresh the next day and also eliminates excess weight that doesn't need to be carried along with my heavy textbooks.

3.) Have a Spot for Everything Knowing where items belong in my bag definitely makes putting things back easier. By already knowing where things belong, it makes it simpler to put everything back. It also ensures I think about whether items I keep in bag are necessary! I only need so many colorful highlighters.

What are your tips for keeping a clean school bag?


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  1. I most definitely need to take the time to organize my bag as I often have random things lying around. I seriously need to take the plunge and purchase the Lonchamp Le Pliage! It's so cute!