Tips for Incoming Freshman During Quarantine

There is a lot of uncertainty about the coming months, but if you’re anything like me, you’re just trying to take it day by day. I can’t imagine how incoming freshmen are feeling right now, but I do know that you have been given a gift of time. There are a few things I recommend doing during this quarantine to prepare for your fall semester and hopefully build excitement for what should be an exciting time!

Make a headboard for your dorm room
Crafting has been a huge trend during quarantine, so why not work on a project you can enjoy all year? I made my own headboard for my freshman year dorm and junior year sorority house room. You can read my post here.

Shop the sales
I’m all about shopping the sales, and right now there are some you can shop for things you’ll likely need in your dorm room. The Container Store, Target and Pottery Barn have been running consistent sales recently and will likely have more specials throughout the summer. It may help to purchase some necessary items like a laundry bin and desk hutch while everything is still in stock — you get to pick what you like! Here are items from The Container Store I use in my room at school.

Set up labels in your school email
My life would have been much easier freshman year if I had started organizing my inbox earlier! As a college student, you will get a lot of emails. Whether it’s from professors about classes, the university or any organization, you’ll likely want a system to keep everything organized. I know classes have not started and you have not joined any organizations yet, but I recommend going ahead and making labels for the classes you register for now so you’re ready when emails start to flow in on that first week. I like to color code my labels using the same colors as my planner too.

Map out your room
For me, this was one of the most exciting parts about moving in to the dorm! My mom found the dimensions of my dorm room on the university’s housing website. We used that to make a smaller scale drawing and played around with different layouts of my bed, desk, bedside table, rug and cubby storage. This made move-in day much easier knowing where everything was going and that each item I brought had a place. I did this with my junior year room too and it saves so much time and energy of moving things around.

Start deciding which clothes you’d like to bring
This is always the part of the packing process that takes me the longest. You won’t need all your clothes at school and will likely want some new clothes when you get there. It may seem early, but take a look in your closet and maybe start putting things to the side if you don’t think you’ll want it at school. You may even find some clothes that can be donated in the process!

I know this is a challenging time with so much uncertainty, but I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration to build some excitement toward this fall. With some extra time on your hands, hopefully these tasks will make the move to college a bit easier. 


Monday Mix No. 15: Loose Summer Dresses

Posting this week’s Monday Mix on a Wednesday because the days all seem to run together right now, ha! I’ve been in a comfy dress phase recently. As I prepare to spend more time at home this summer, I was hoping to find a summer version of a sweater/leggings look: comfy but still somewhat put together. 

I purchased three out of the four dresses in this mix at some point over the past few weeks and now am excited for the weather to warm up a bit more. I love dresses normally because they’re easy to throw on and wear for so many occasions. These four checked my boxes for cute, comfy and loose-fitting to help feel dressed up with no place to go.

Have you been shopping recently? What are you shopping for?


Monday Mix No. 14: J. Crew Finds

If you haven’t heard, J. Crew sadly filed for bankruptcy this morning. I love J. Crew’s timeless and classic pieces that are versatile for numerous occasions. Their website has some great sale items right now, so today’s Monday Mix is all J. Crew products!

This beautiful dress is a great color for spring and summer. Pair with some nude heels and some statement earrings and you’d be ready for any special occasion. 

This light pink sweater is the perfect pastel color for that transition from winter to spring. I love a turtleneck sweater, and it would be easy to dress up with ankle pants and mules or dress down with jeans and slip-ons.

Headbands are all the rage right now, and I love the pattern on this one. Such an easy way to make second-day hair look nicer!

I’m dreaming of swimsuit weather and a trip to the beach. I love this navy suit with the rickrack detailing. 

If your quarantine wardrobe consists of day and nighttime pajamas, you might want to consider this cute set. I have a similar blue pair and love how lightweight they are.

What are you snagging at J. Crew before they’re gone?

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