There are so many beautiful places on this Earth and this long, gray winter has me feeling wanderlust all the time. Whether it be in the United States or halfway across the world, I am always discovering new places I would love to visit someday. The language, food, architecture, people, and beauty make so many locations appealing to me. I am fascinated by the diversity in the world and hope to someday be able to visit these places.
 1. London I love just about anything British. The historic buildings, the royals (especially the ever so fashionable Kate), the accents. It would be amazing to be surrounded by all things British for a few days and visiting places like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.  Maybe I’ll even get to see my favorite little royal (Prince George, of course) too.
2. Paris Between taking French for almost four years, a love for Audrey movies set in Paris, and a love for macaroons, France has definitely made it high on my destination wish list. There is so much I would love to see and do while there including visiting all the tourist locations, tasting authentic French cuisine, and simply walking around the city.
3. New York City While I have been to New York state multiple times, I have yet to go the Big Apple. Between Gossip Girl, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and some of my other favorite films, my love for New York City has grown incredibly through the past few years. I would love to stroll through Central Park, visit the Lilly Pulitzer store on Madison, and have a delicious sundae at Serendipity.
3. Bora Bora One word: gorgeous. Such a dream of mine to stay in an overwater bungalow and  be that on top of the ocean (literally)! Looking out my window and the snow covered ground makes this tropical location seems like absolute paradise. Can you be any closer to the ocean? I really don’t chance!think so! Days on end surrounded by the beach and nothing else to do seems like pure bliss.
4. Amsterdam What a stunning city. Pictures of Amsterdam seem to be very common on my Pinterest board and each one is just gorgeous. I would love to take a stroll along the canals. I especially think it would be stunning in the fall but I would love to go any time of year if given the chance!
(all images via Pinterest)
I am sure my list will continue to grow, but I think any of these destinations would be a good place to start. Where do you want to visit?

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