Lilly Pulitzer Oak Brook Opening

To say I was excited for the new Lilly Pulitzer store in Oak Brook is a serious understatement. When the printed walls went up and the store opening was announced, I knew I wanted to be there for the store opening.

We arrived at the store a little bit after it opened and it was packed! Everyone was sporting their pink and green. The staff was very nice, helpful, and welcoming! They were all so friendly and it was fun to get to know some of them!

The store is quite colorful and very Lilly. The walls had the simplest but perfect details on them with Lilly sayings here and there. One wall had a bright colorful print and it really showed off what Lilly is all about!

What I loved most? The dressing rooms. Each displayed a different print. I ended up in the Chicago-inspired dressing room. It was well done and captured many of Chicago's well-known aspects like the skyline and deep dish pizza. I spent way too long just taking pictures of the walls...oops!

To top everything off, I met my first reader! Caitlin was so nice and friendly and it was such a pleasure to meet her! Since this had never happened before, I was really shocked and was excited!

I went back to the store with my cousin Katie a few days later and we had the best time playing dress up! It was so great to meet Megan, one of the staff members. We follow one another on Instagram and it was fun to meet in person!

I am so glad that Chicago now has a Lilly store in the area and it was so fun to be there on opening day! I see many trips to the store in future!

Have you ever been to a Lilly store?



Taylor Swfit 1989 World Tour in Chicago

A few weeks ago, my cousin, Katie arrived for the Taylor Swift 1989 concert and to visit Chicago for a few days. Because we had both wanted to see Taylor in concert together for years, our excitement could not be contained all afternoon! After a quick lunch and getting ready, we headed downtown for the concert.
A quick picture stop at the Bean before eating dinner was just about all we had time for prior to the concert. Once we made it to Solider Field, we were just in time to hear Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy, and Haim open for Taylor. All of these artists were so talented and we both really enjoyed the openings!
To sum it up, the concert was incredible. Taylor (as usual), was perfect. The stage, lighting, dances, and costumes were so well done. One amazing and unique aspect of the concert was the individual lighted wristbands worn by the audience.  Every person in the audience received their own wristband as they entered Soldier Field. The wristbands all began lighting when Taylor took the stage.  Then they were synchronized with different colors of flashing light that went perfectly with the “feel,” beats, and big moments in each song. It was so cool to experience the crowd around me as well as a whole show on stage, too!
Taylor brought two guests on stage with her which was such a fun surprise. Andy Grammar sang "Honey I'm Good" and everyone sang along! Serayah from the TV show Empire and the Bad Blood music video came on a bit later. Both guests were perfect additions to the show. 
At the end of the night, I ran into a reader (it was so nice to meet you, Gina!) and was completely taken aback at the fact that I had met two readers in a three day period. It was surreal! I never really thought I’d meet my readers.  However, the experience, while a little crazy, is such fun. 

The night was flawless and I will never let it go (anyone catch my refernce? ;) ). It was amazing to hear Taylor in concert and I will never forget being in stadium with 55,000 other Taylor fans screaming and singing along. Truly a wonderful night!

Have you ever been to a Taylor Swift concert?



Summer in Lilly: Collab with The Preppy Press

One of my favorite parts of summer is all the bright colors that come along with it. My favorite clothing brand that captures these colors is Lilly Pulitzer. With preppy prints and classic styles, I am almost always resorting to Lilly when it comes to summer outfits.
Today, Elise, the blogger behind The Preppy Press, and I are sharing how we style one of our favorite looks for a summer in Lilly! We both share a love for bright colors and classic styles so it's no surprise that we easily agreed on this fun idea. Be sure to head over to The Preppy Press to see how Elise is summering in Lilly!
While it's been a cooler summer in Chicago this year, we have had some pretty hot days in July and August. On these days, I love to pull out colorful Callahans and a simple but bright top for a cool yet colorful look. These Electric Feel printed shorts are ones that I've been wearing all summer. I can always find a top that goes well with them since the print incorporates so many colors. I especially love how this hot pink peplum top looks with them.
Don't forget to head over to see Elise's look at The Preppy Press!

How do you summer in Lilly?



Day at the Races

On a hot summer Sunday, spending the day at the race track was the perfect afternoon adventure. My family, cousin, and uncle went over to the Arlington Race Track to catch some races and snack on some delicious food. But of course, we couldn't pass up the photo op!

Because of the heat, we opted for summery sun dresses and hats. It was the perfect attire for the location and we were kept relatively cool while walking around and taking pictures!

My dress (similar) // Katie's dress

It was such a fun to day to watch some races and spend time with family!

Have you ever been to a race track?



Gallery Wall Inspiration

One of my summer projects is to update the gallery wall above my bed. It currently is filled with pictures from past events and is starting to feel a little dated. But, where to start? I want to add more images and not just photographs. I needed a source of inspiration to start picking images and pictures for the frames. So where did I go? Pinterest. Here were my favorite finds!


Have you ever designed a gallery wall? How did you decide what would look best?



End of Summer Playlist

I really like to keep my study playlists simple and limit distractions. But during the summer, I mix things up a bit. I've really enjoyed this playlist lately. It's relaxing and puts me in a great mood, which is perfect for summertime!

Budapest // George Ezra
Young Folks // Peter Bjorn And John
Try // Colbie Caillat
Are We There Yet // Ingrid Michaelson
I Won't Get Up // Peter Hollens
Home // Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Thinking Out Loud // Ed Sheeran
I Wish You Would // Taylor Swift

What have you listened to this summer?



Easy Ways to Brighten a Bad Day

Anyone else feel like life can just put you in a rut every once in a while? They're really no fun and often leave me in a pretty bad mood. Over the course of the school year I felt like I experienced multiple ruts--whether it was just lots of homework in every class  leaving no time for anything else or putting in lots of effort and not getting the desired result.   But, along the way I have picked up a few tricks to help brighten my day in little ways!

Fresh Flowers // I love working next to bright flowers while blogging or doing homework. Whether they're freshly cut from my mom's garden or purchased at the store, they always bring  just enough color to help brighten any bad day. 
Time for Myself // Sometimes a half hour to watch an episode of my favorite show or just to nap is the perfect amount of relaxation that is needed. A bit of time for myself can be the perfect separation from the outside world.  While it can be tempting to take more time, a little break keeps me from getting behind and is just refreshing enough to re-energize me for the task at hand.
Start the Morning Right // Whether it's picking up my favorite fruit at the grocery store the night before or drinking hot chocolate on the way to school, there is something so rejuvenating about starting my morning with something I know I love! 
Doing My Nails // While I know it can be hard to fit this in with everything on the schedule, this simple action can be beneficial.  Feeling more put together is a simple way to give myself that needed boost and having my nails done is something I can enjoy for several days. 
Do Something Nice for Someone // I love knowing that something I did might have made someone's day better. While it doesn't exactly feel like my life is put together when I do this, it's a great and refreshing feeling to help someone else. 

What do you like to do to brighten a bad day? 


Getting to Know Me

I received such a positive response to the last get-to-know-me post that I thought I would write another! It's hard to imagine it's more than my family members reading Let's Get Preppy. Since readers only know what I share, today I wanted to share a bit more about myself!

1.) I cry so easily. It's somewhat embarrassing.

2.) I love classic movies! My absolute favorite classic movies are Breakfast at Tiffany's and Sound of Music.

3.) Puns never fail to make me laugh.

4.) My favorite Lilly Pulitzer print is Let's Cha Cha.

5.) History is my favorite subject in school. I especially love U.S. history!

6.) I love to travel but I'm not a huge fan of airplanes.

7.) I have a love/hate relationship with picking out an outfit. I love planning ahead, but I never know what to wear!

8.) I have the appetite of a five year old. Goldfish and Kraft mac and cheese all the way. (That said, I do enjoy going out and trying to new restaurants, which is never a problem in Chicago.)

9.) I have a total sweet tooth when it comes to snacks.

10.) I'm a night owl. Trying to wake me up in the morning is an endeavor.

Can you relate to any of these? I'd love to get to know you better!



Seam Street Prep

I am convinced a hat can make a bad day better. Because of all the humidity in the summer, my hair never seems to stay the way I want it to, and hats are always my go-to.

I love this Seam Street hat. It's such a fun color and the turtle emblem is the perfect touch. I wear so much white and navy over the summer and this hat is always a great addition to the outfit.

One of my favorite aspects of Seam Street Prep is that a fraction of each sale goes to an organization that helps save endangered sea turtles. A company that makes great clothes and helps endangered turtles? A complete win in my book!

hat (c/o) // top // necklace (similar)

What color hat do you like best?


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