Bits of Blue

It's safe to say that this outfit is a combination of Christmas gifts. It was a rather navy-filled Christmas this year and I must say I loved it. With the Christmas season (sadly) over, January is quickly approaching. Blues are a favorite of mine during this time of year because of their versatility. They are so easy to transition into any season and navy is undoubtedly one of my favorite colors to wear. 

This vest is one I have seen and loved on many and I was so happy to have opened it on Christmas morning. There is no doubt that I have a vest obsession and I am excited to add this one to my collection! This Old Navy green sweater is soft, comfortable, and adds just the right touch of color to my outfit. It pairs perfectly with the chambray Vineyard Vines oxford, which is so soft. Keeping it relatively simple, I wore jeans with these fun J. Crew tartan tassel smoking slippers.

Thank you, Katie, for the pictures!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Eve!

What colors do you like to wear during the wintertime?



Duck Hunting

This outfit was a bit different for me. Normally, I like to layer complimentary colors.  For this outfit I started with a monochromatic base and layered color on top.

This scarf was the perfect touch of Christmas for a rainy and cold winter day. The trench coat added an extra layer which was much needed over a simple knit black top. Keeping it comfy, I turned to leggings and wore my black Hunter rain boots to keep my feet warm and dry. 

While it was a bit unusual for me to wear so many dark colors, I really loved the way this outfit looked and felt. Comfy, cute, and casual was perfect for the week before break and the pop of color was perfect for Christmastime.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! 

What is your rainy day go-to outfit?



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I have been spending lots of time with family watching Christmas movies and baking the past few days. I cannot believe how quickly this Christmas season went.

This Gap dress has been my go-to this December. It is so easy to dress up or down and looks so classy with simple jewelry and heels. I love this look and there was no question what I would be wearing for Christmas dinner. This Kate Spade for Gap belt is the perfect touch of Christmas and my obsession with bows is evident between the belt and the bangle. My pearl necklace is such a staple and I have been wearing it with so many outfits. 

What are you wearing this Christmas? 

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas!



Wrapped Up In Winter

Snow is one of my favorite aspects about Christmastime. While so many I know dislike wintertime, I cannot help but love this time of year. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas with the lights, snow, and holiday cheer, I find myself more excited each November when snow begins and Christmas music is played. 

While I am not a huge fan of chilly temperatures, I thoroughly enjoy dressing for them. There are so many jackets and coats to chose from and so many ways to accessorize them. One of my favorite ways to add a little touch to a jacket is a scarf. They are perfect for keeping me warm.  This year I have found the amount of different scarves in existence is plentiful. I fell in love with this knockoff blanket scarf at Target and have been wearing it all the time. Between the temperature and the festive plaid, it adds the best touch to so many outfits. Plus, the price couldn't be better. 

Oh, and on my list of reasons I love this time of year, I forgot to mention peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks. This drink is great for keeping warm and the holiday taste is my favorite!

What is your go-to winter scarf?



Christmastime in the City

Christmas in Chicago. These three words automatically bring a smile to my face. I really can't express my love for the city and all the Christmastime festivities that come around this time of year. 

Living fairly close to the city my family has been able to develop a few holiday traditions downtown. My personal favorite is eating by the Christmas tree at Macy's or for true Chicagoans Marshall Field’s on State Street. (Sorry Macy’s I know the name changed year’s ago, but it just part of the vernacular.) Each year the tree is decorated differently and my family always makes it a priority to visit every Christmastime.

On Friday, we went downtown and were seated right next to the tree. We really couldn't have been closer. This year the tree changed colors every few minutes. There were blue, red, and green stages and each had a specific theme. During each stage an image was projected on the ceiling.  I heard someone describe it as being more than a tree, but rather a light show. It couldn't have been any prettier. Unfortunately, you had to catch the lights at the right moment to get the perfect picture.  So, in all my pictures with the tree behind me, the tree was dark. 

If you get the chance to eat at The Walnut a Room in Macy's during Christmastime any year, I highly suggest you take the opportunity. It is such a fun experience and a great way to get in the Christmas spirit! I suggest the famous pot pie -- a tradition since 1905. I get it every year and it is so tasty!

Do you have any family traditions at Christmastime?

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