Stacks Bracelets

There's no hiding that I love a pop of color, and these fun bracelets pair well with so many of my colorful outfits. The mint tassel bracelet is the perfect hue and stacking it with a bright pink complements the two colors so nicely.

They are so easy to throw on to brighten up any outfit and add the finishing touch of jewelry. I prefer to wear both bracelets together and have found that they look great with a plethora of different prints.  But, if you want a simpler look, each bracelet by itself makes a nice addition to any outfit.

No matter which way you choose to wear them, they will add a bright statement to your ensemble.

mint joy tassel  (c/o) // pink bold (c/o)

Customize your fun Stack Bracelets here!



Monogram Mayhem with Sunshine Vinyl

It probably comes as no surprise that I subscribe to the motto "if it moves, monogram it!"  And, since I am a student and spend the majority of my day surrounded by school supplies, I love to add a touch of color and fun to my notebooks and folders.  One of the best ways I have found to personalize my school supplies is with vinyl decals. 

Recently, I received these colorful monogram decals from Sunshine Vinyl.  I love how the pink script monogram on my folder adds an extra personal touch. After the academic day ends, I am usually at school a couple additional hours for clubs and activities. I keep this folder for all my clubs and activities.  It is a great place to keep track of papers relating to deadlines, service hours and thespian points.   

With such a long day, I often need to charge my phone and in a sea of similar charging cords, I love that I can spot my customized cord with this fun gold monogram. 

I also tuck a Lilly tumbler in my bag, it is great to have on hand and fill with water as I move from activity to activity.  And since it is moving with me, of course it needs a monogram.

I love working with Sarah at Sunshine Vinyl!  So, if you are looking to add a monogram or two to your supplies, check out her shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SunshineVinyl



Sunny Skort Scallops

Happy Monday!

This week is supposed to be fairly warm. So, I'm celebrating by wearing this fun skort! The scallops add the perfect feminine touch and the navy color makes it super easy to pair with some of my favorite fall tops. This gingham flannel top is such a soft material and I love how it coordinates so well with the skort. It's a perfect outfit for transitioning to fall yet still lightweight and comfortable for warmer fall days.



Tusk in the September Sun

Tusk in Sun will forever and always be one of my favorite Lilly prints. This shade of blue is too pretty, and Elsa tops are a perfect weight for the fall. Paired with my comfortable Gap jeans, this outfit is great for school. I look forward to adding a navy vest on the chillier fall days for a little extra warmth!

What's one of your favorites Lilly print?



Monday Blues, September Hues

This dress is the perfect piece to throw on Monday morning. It is super comfortable and the color goes with nearly everything! This cozy scarf is perfect for transitioning into fall and is essentially a blanket -- how fun! This look is perfect for looking put together yet keeping it comfortable.

Do you have a comfortable yet put together look you love?



Dressed in Stripes

I love wearing dresses. They are so comfortable and easy they are to throw on! I wore a dress nearly every day this summer and have continued to do so for the past few weeks of school. The navy and white stripes of this tee shirt dress are perfect for transitioning to fall, and with a navy pullover sweater it's perfect for both hot and cold classrooms.

Do you have a go-to dress for school?



White After Labor Day

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend. LDW is always bittersweet -- I love fall, but I'm always sad to see summer styles and temperatures go.

I'm still trying to incorporate some of my favorite pieces from summer despite the cooling temperatures. This outfit is one of my favorites. Between the fun frill on the collar and the blue and white stripes, this shirt never hangs in my closet too long before I wear it again! Pairing it with white jeans adds a bit of warmth for the cooler days, and the bow belt is the perfect finishing touch.

What did you do this Labor Day Weekend?



Summer Stripes

Navy and white stripes scream summer to me. I love any variation of this combo, and this romper is no exception. It's super comfortable and the fuller shorts give it such a fun flair. I have loved wearing it on some of the hotter days this summer because its looser fit makes it feel cooler.  Plus, it is so easy to throw on.

This particular color combo is no longer available, but the navy and black styles are super cute too! Plus it's on a major sale right now - definitely tempting!

Do you have a go-to romper?



All Pink All the Time


There's no hiding that my favorite color is pink, and there's no hiding that this Lilly shift is one of my favorite dresses. It's comfortable, cute, and pink -- what more could a girl ask for?! I wore it most recently for dinner when in Wisconsin celebrating my grandparents' 50th anniversary. My dad said the dress code for dinner was 'resort casual,' and no one does that better than Lilly!

I have worn this one so many times in the past year, but here are a few other shifts I have my eye on:

Which shift dresses are on your wishlist?



Rompin' Around Summer

I absolutely love rompers. They are so comfortable, easy to throw on, and still give a "put together" look. This Lilly romper has to be one of my favorite pieces in my closet due to its bright colors and the lightweight fabric, making it perfect for the summer.

I purchased this romper last summer, but here are a few currently on my wish list!

What's your go-to summer outfit?


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