Monday Mix No. 21

pjs | top | sweater | earrings | headband

After a new mini Nancy Meyers movie and the return of SEC football, this week has a tough act to follow! I hope everyone enjoyed this past week and is looking forward to the week ahead. This week’s Monday Mix contains a few items I’ve wanted to add to cart recently. Between comfy PJs and cute fall accessories, I hope you love this mix!


Did anyone else spend all of Sunday in PJs? I will be honest and say that I did. 2020 is the year for making PJs a full day’s outfit, and this pretty navy striped set looks so cozy.


I saw this silk top on Kate from Lonestar Southern last week and immediately wanted to purchase it. It is a great transition top for fall when it’s not quite cold enough for a sweater and would look cute with white jeans or a navy skirt.


I’ve been looking to add to the Alabama collection in my closet and love this vintage knit sweater. I like that it’s a step up from a traditional sweatshirt but could still be dressed up or down. The sweaters are available for several other schools. Definitely check them out to see if they have your school too!


I’ve been seeing stars (literally) everywhere on campus for the past year or so, and these gold earrings are both trendy and elegant. They are a bit of a splurge but would make a great birthday or holiday gift (too early?!).


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you know that I spent my Friday afternoon watching Father of the Bride Part 3(ish). I ended up watching the first and second movies as well which was the perfect way to spend my Friday. I love Annie’s style (even if it was almost 30 years ago!) and purchased a similar black headband to the one she wears in the first scene of the movie. I love how timeless this accessory is and it will be perfect for fall.


Anything you’ve been eyeing lately? I hope you have a great week ahead!


10 Things to Do During a 10-Minute Study Break

Anyone else feel like this week is a bit hectic? Between deadlines, tests and the sun going down earlier, it feels like there just are not enough hours in the day. I’m so guilty of pushing myself and then feeling bad for taking a break after sitting at my desk for quite a while, but a quick break can be just what I need. Working without breaks leads to feeling burnt out and unproductive, so I’ve been trying to include more breaks in my day to recharge in small ways.


I always set an alarm for myself to ensure my break doesn’t get too long and have found that breaks as short as 10 minutes can help me feel ready to refocus and get back to work. If you’re looking for some inspo on how to use 10 minutes productively even if you are away from your computer, look no further. Here are a few of my favorite 10-minute break activities!


1.Read a book.


2.Turn off your phone and lay down for 10 minutes. (Don’t forget to set an alarm!)


3.Do a 10-minute yoga workout on YouTube.


4.Grab a coffee at Starbucks (OK, maybe a bit longer than 10 minutes depending on where you are, but I’ve never regretted the walk and a caffeine kick!).


5.Spend 10 minutes on TIkTok or Pinterest.


6.Eat a piece of fruit. I like to add some Nutella or whip cream if I feel like treating myself!


7.Create a new Spotify playlist (or add to an existing one!).


8.Sit outside and get some fresh air.


9.Text a friend and make plans for a call or Facetime sometime soon.


10.  Delete junk emails. I like to do this while I lay down and it is so satisfying to see that notification number go down! 


Funny enough, I used a 10-minute break to write this blog post! I love having this creative outlet when I need to step away from my homework.


I hope that this list is helpful! I would love to hear your favorite ways to take a quick study break too.


Monday Mix No. 20

Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start. The temperatures have cooled down here in Tuscaloosa, so my mind is on full fall mode, ha! I got a hot beverage at Starbucks this morning and couldn’t tell you the last time I did that. While it is not quite sweater weather, it is certainly nice to not start sweating the minute I step outside.


I love this headband for fall. The print would add a nice pop to an all-black outfit, and I really like the size of the J. Crew headbands—not too tight and not too loose!


If you have any professional Zoom meetings coming up, this top would be a perfect color for it. I’m a big fan of a good boat neck, and the ¾ length puff sleeves would be great for dressing for fall in warmer climates.


Professional opportunity outside of the house? This skirt is comfy and flattering. I have this style in navy and would have worn it frequently when dressing up on campus in a non-COVID time. The print is tasteful without being distracting (in my opinion).


Y’all probably already know I love a good PJ set. I purchased this navy pair over the summer and it quickly became my favorite. The fabric is super soft and comfortable. I would wear them all day if I could!


If you’ve been following my OOTDs, you likely know that white sneakers are my go-to. I like that they are flattering but practical shoes for running around campus. These Steve Madden ones are currently 20% off on Amazon.


I hope you found something you like in today’s mix and have a great week!


Fall Decor Inspo

Can you believe that we are already more than halfway through September? Yesterday I pulled out a few of my fall decorations for my room and was eager to add more. Some quick searching and I rounded up lots of cute fall décor finds!


One of the easiest ways to add some quick fall decorations is through pumpkins. You’ll notice quite a few in this round up. I was impressed with the wide selection this year. Between navy to gingham to raffia, you can certainly find a pumpkin or two that fits your space.


I also came across a pumpkin mug. Imagine a pumpkin latte in a pumpkin mug. Or if you prefer your coffee in a Starbucks cup, consider dropping a small mum in the mug for a desk decoration.


I love decorating with banners and string lights because of how much wall space they can fill. Whether it’s above your dorm bed or on your door, they are an easy and inexpensive way to spice up your space. 


I couldn’t pass up including these cute orange gingham pillows either. They would be a great addition to a desk chair on your bed for a cute and subtle touch of fall.


Have you found any cute fall décor pieces for your space?


Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale 2020

You may already know (and shopped), but the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is on! Today is the final day to shop. The After Party Sale is the best time to buy Lilly. The sale is large and has pieces from this spring and summer on huge markdown. I definitely wouldn’t miss it — especially if you’ve been eyeing an item this summer or have an occasion coming up next spring! 


So many cute pieces are in the sale this year, but I’ve picked a few of my favorites below. I already have a few of the styles in different prints, and I love how a different print can give an outfit an entirely different feel! I have a nice collection of Lilly that I wear year after year and love how timeless the pieces are. Most of my collection has been accumulated through years of shopping the APS too!


My biggest tip: order items individually. If you know you will order an item, go ahead and pay for it immediately rather than continuing to browse the sale. Just because an item is in your cart does not mean that it’s saved. You don’t want to miss your favorite just because someone got to it before you finished browsing the full collection.


Happy shopping! I’d love to hear what you selected


flounce dress | romper | tennis skirt | button dress | top


Monday Mix No. 19

pink dress |  mock neck sweater | headband | loafers | ruffle sweater | ruffle dress


Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and your week is off to a great start. Here in Tuscaloosa, I am excited for the all the cute new fall pieces that seemed to just emerge in the past week. Today’s Monday Mix are all items I would love to add to my closet this fall!


I was so excited to see this dress come back in stock in almost every size. It looks so comfy and perfect for a hot day. I was drawn to the hot pink, and it also comes in black and white too. I think it could easily transition to fall paired with a cute pair of mules or a neck scarf.


Target knocked it out of the park last fall and winter with its sweater selection, and it looks like this year will be no different. This cozy fleece mock neck sweater comes in seven pretty colors and would be super easy to dress up with a skirt or ankle pants. It would also be great for a pop of color on Zoom paired with leggings or joggers. Did I mention it’s only $20?!


Call me crazy, but I’ve been thinking about wearing headbands when I go out on the weekend. I love having my hair pulled out of my face and find I do not play with it as much. This headband is covered in faux leather making it more like a going out accessory, right?!


In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to transition to fall is with a great pair of shoes. These cheetah print loafers are a great price and such a timeless, versatile style. 


I’m secretly wishing that it was cool enough to wear this ruffle sweater in Tuscaloosa this week. How cute?! I love the detail on both the collar and the sleeves and think it would be perfect paired with jeans or a fun skirt. It comes in a pretty cream color too.


While I am wide-eyed over all these cute fall pieces, this black dress is actually suitable for the current Tuscaloosa climate. I love how it is loose fitting (needed in the heat), and the ruffles at the waist and on the sleeves add a great feminine touch. Throw on a pair of sneaks and you’re ready to go.


I hope you found an item or two you liked in this mix and have a wonderful week!


Tips for Taking Online Classes

Happy Friday! It’s hard to believe that I’ve just wrapped up my fourth week of school. This semester is definitely an interesting one with a mix of in-person and hybrid classes, but I’m thankful to be on campus for my senior year.

After a few weeks of some online classes, I feel like I’ve gotten into the groove of operating from my bedroom. Though not ideal, I appreciate being in the comfort of my cozy apartment and not having to spend more time walking to class than in class, haha. I’ve picked up a few new habits while learning at home and thought I would share in case you’re looking for some tips.


Wear blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are high on the list of my best purchases from Amazon. On days I forget to wear them, my eyes feel so tired and dry from staring at a screen for majority of the day. I can feel a noticeable difference after wearing the glasses and think they are well worth the small price tag. You can grab them on Amazon for under $20!


Take handwritten notes

I used to always take notes on my computer during in-person classes because it was quicker and easier to organize. Zoom makes it a little more challenging to do so, especially when professors share their screen and I have to flip back and forth. I’ve found that taking handwritten notes for my online classes helps me pay more attention to the lecture and not miss any important information. I usually type my notes after class, but not having to switch back and forth between screens during lectures is really helpful for me.


Turn your computer on Do Not Disturb

There is nothing more tempting than to see a text arrive and then wanting to reply right away. I’ve found that turning my computer on Do Not Disturb and removing the Messages app from the Dock helps eliminate distraction and the urge to respond right away. It can almost always wait!


Use a digital calendar

Confused where the Zoom link is? We’ve all been there. I used to use a physical planner religiously, but with countless Zoom links being used every week, I’ve leaned more heavily on my Google Calendar. When a professor emails a reoccurring Zoom link for class, I add the link to my calendar so I don’t have to dig in my inbox for it every week. This saves time and helps me make sure that I don’t lose the links. If I have a hybrid class that is not consistently on Zoom or in-person, I can also indicate this which helps me know where I need to be and when.


What are your tips for online classes? I’m always learning and would love to hear your tips and tricks too!


Ten random and fun things about me!

There are some new faces around the blog! Welcome, everyone! I sometimes forget that it’s more than my parents, grandparents and friends who check out my colorful corner of the internet, but I’m so thankful you are here.

It’s been quite some time since I shared some fun facts about myself, and with some new faces around, I thought it might be a good idea. Here are 10 random things about me you may not know!

  1. Creating and continuing Let’s Get Preppy helped me choose my major. I loved the idea of branding and using social media to connect with others, so I chose to major in marketing and public relations.
  2. I’ve only missed one home football game during my time at Alabama. 
  3. I’ve been to Walt Disney World 20 times. My family took an annual trip when I was growing up. It’s one of my favorite places.
  4. Pasta is my favorite food. I could eat it every day prepared any way.
  5. My favorite nail color is OPI’s Lisbon Wants Moor. My nails are almost always painted this color.
  6. Peonies are my favorite flower, and hydrangeas take a close second. 
  7. I’d love to live in a new city after graduation, but we’ll see!
  8. I prefer to dress up rather than dressing down in comfier clothes.
  9. I got a pacemaker three days before Christmas during my sophomore year of college.
  10. I saw Hamilton twice in-person. I’ve loved watching it again on Disney+.


I hope you enjoyed my random list. Did you learn anything new? Do we have anything in common? Thanks for your interest and following along.


Monday Mix No. 18

Happy Monday! I hope you are enjoying your day off and having a nice holiday weekend. Today’s Monday Mix includes a few recent purchases and a few items I’ve been eyeing lately. Enjoy!


I love this gold tray for a bedside table. At the end of the day, I take off all my jewelry and place it in a dish on my bedside table so nothing gets lost. This pretty gold tray would work perfectly and make a great accent.


It wouldn’t be the Monday Mix without a pair of earrings or two! These pretty bold print earrings would add such a pop of color, and I think they would be great for transitioning from summer to fall.


Who else has hopped on the comfy lounge set train during the pandemic? Amy from Amy Believes in Pink recommended this short set the other week and I finally jumped on the trend. Let me tell you, I am hooked. So comfy and perfect for a weekend at home!


Loose, comfy dresses have been my go-to this summer, and I see more in my future this fall. This pretty blue dress from Target would make a great transition piece even if the temperatures still scream summer.


One of my favorite purchases from last fall is back in stock in select sizes! These cute cheetah print sneakers are only $20 and are selling out quick.


Lisi Lerch for under $20? Yes, please! I snagged these pale pink hoops last month and love how versatile they are. They are included in the Labor Day Weekend sale at a great price.


Have a great rest of your holiday weekend and enjoy the short week ahead!


10 Things to Do at Home this Labor Day Weekend

Happy Saturday and Labor Day Weekend, friends! I think this long weekend is coming at such a great time, and I’m looking forward to having an extra day this weekend to get stuff done and relax.  

While it can be easy to have FOMO if you’re spending the weekend at home, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy your weekend and feel like you’re stepping into the short week on a great foot. Here are 10 things I’ll be doing at home this weekend if you’re looking for some inspo!


Do a face mask 

Anyone else dealing with some maskne? After wearing my mask every day for the past three weeks, my skin could use some R&R! I love these Neutrogena masks for cleansing and hydrating my face. I put one on while watching TV or reading and my skin always soaks up every last drop.


Clean your room, closet and bathroom

It feels like the days have flown by recently, and I have not been the best at keeping all my spaces clean. I’ll be taking some time this weekend to make sure all my shoes are put away, throw out any empty containers and pick up a bit around my room. I know I will feel so much better afterwards and isn’t that the best feeling?!


Catch up on laundry

While I’m picking up my room, I will be throwing in a few loads of laundry! A long weekend is perfect for doing things like sheets and towels among everything else. With clean spaces and laundry, the short week is bound to start off on a good note.


Sleep in

No early wake up calls for three days — hooray! I can tell you now I will be enjoying sleeping in this weekend and catching up on sleep.


Get ahead on some schoolwork — you’ll thank yourself later!

It’s so easy to leave all schoolwork to do on Monday, but I am going to make an active effort to work on homework throughout the weekend instead of leaving it to the last minute. I find it’s much easier to get homework done in smaller chunks of time rather than all at once, and I’m hoping this will allow me to get ahead on schoolwork too. Fingers crossed!


Try a new recipe

I am on a cycle of quesadillas, pasta and pizza, haha. If you’re looking for something to do, maybe try out a new recipe to add to your mix! I see so many yummy ones on TikTok, and my favorite foodstagram @sishoodofthetravelingfork has new recipe ideas on IGTV every week.


Create a fall playlist

While the 90 degree heat certainly makes it still feel like summertime, fall may be right around the corner! I love a good fall playlist and think I may work on putting one together this weekend to play on my walks to class or at home.


Dive into a new book

I did not read much this summer, but I really enjoy reading and am trying to get back into it. I just ordered a few books through my Book of the Month membership and keep checking the tracking number to see when my order will get here. A three-day weekend is the perfect time to slow down with a good book.


Update your LinkedIn

It’s been a little while since I updated my LinkedIn, and taking a few minutes to do so this weekend is a great way to feel productive professionally. Similar to homework, I find working on professional development in smaller chunks of time is much easier than tackling everything all at once. A few minutes this weekend will save time down the road!


Have a safe Kentucky Derby party

Did you know the Kentucky Derby was rescheduled for today? My roommates and I are having a small and safe gathering to watch the fun! Social events don’t look normal this semester, so I love finding creative ways to have some fun with friends.


How are you spending your weekend? I hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend! 

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