Five Tips for New Bloggers

It is still somewhat surreal that I have been blogging for a year. Looking back while writing this post, I realized how much I have learned from blogging. I have received emails from girls wanting to start a blog about blogging in general and maintaining a blog, so I thought I would share five tips I have for new bloggers based off my experience thus far!

1.) It's time consuming. I knew that starting a blog was not going to be easy nor something that was a walk in the park. But, I was unable to post at times during this past year due to a few factors. It takes time to write, edit, get quality pictures, and maintain social media accounts for the blog. While I knew that it was a time commitment, it's important to know just what kind of project you're getting into. Throughout the past year I have definitely learned that blogging is a time commitment and that time management is key to managing blogging and other aspects of my life.

2.) Consistency is key. While I don't post consistently on my blog, I do post every day on Instagram and do my best to maintain other social media sites daily. It's incredibly important to maintain a positive relationship and consistently engage your audience! I have found that being active on one platform is better than being completely silent, and that creativity is important for creating quality content.

3.) Write about what you know. Whether it be about where your from or your unique interest, write about it! It will make you stand out and it's easy to write something your passionate about. If your interests are put forth in your writing, your readers will hopefully reciprocate a positive response! Let's Get Preppy encompasses my personal style and lifestyle habits that are true to me, and being from Chicago allows me access to some pretty unique photo spots that are perfect for pictures. I have found that being myself, a Chicago blogger and Disney enthusiast with a love for anything pink, gives me a unique angle that differentiates me from your average preppy blogger.

4.) Be patient! I feel that there's a stereotype associated with blogging that everything happens overnight. This is far from the truth for most bloggers. It takes a while to develop your voice, format your blog, and gain readers and followers. It's important to keep this in mind, but you should blog for yourself. Everything else is the icing on the cake! The longer you are at it, the more you will learn. You will note what types of pictures on Instagram get the most likes, what picks up followers, what loses followers. It's a whole learning process, and it's definitely interesting and fun to experience it!
5.) Reach out to others. Liking, commenting, following, and engaging with readers, bloggers, and companies is always a good idea. This is still something I work on, but keeping a positive atmosphere on social media sites never hurts! I love that blogging community has such a positive atmosphere. For the most part everyone encourages each other, which creates a much more creative environment.

Do you have any tips for new bloggers?


Shep Shirt in the City

I recently went downtown for an event at Vineyard Vines that celebrated the release of their new fall collection. Since I was headed to Vineyard Vines, I selected a whaley fun outfit that was comfortable for the chilly Chicago temperatures. I paired my favorite white jeans with a gingham collared shirt and threw on a Shep shirt while walking around outside. The layers were perfect to accommodate the breeze of the Windy City, and the gingham top paired with white jeans was a comfortable look for walking around.

What do you like to wear on downtown during the fall?



Vineyard Vines Fall Collection

A few weeks ago, I went down to the Vineyard Vines in the city for their event celebrating the release of their fall collection. With live music, tasty fall treats, and their new line on full display, it was hard not to have a great time! The new collection is full of warm sweaters, comfortable dresses, and fun Shep shirts that are perfect for fall days.

I absolutely loved all their new sweaters. Each was so cozy and I just didn't want to take them off! They were so warm and soft which make them a great go-to for autumn.

Dresses are so fun to wear in the fall and are super easy to throw on for a put together yet comfortable look. Many of the dresses are knit which are my favorites to pull on during fall. Several of them could even be dressed up for more formal occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas which I loved too!

The entire collection is full of warm colors and the warmth is definitely transferred into the feel of the clothes, too! I'm not going to lie, many of the pieces went on m birthday and Christmas wish lists because of their comfort and ability to be worn casually, too. A perfect combination in my book!

What's your favorite piece from the Vineyard Vines fall collection?



Rompin' Around Disney

The humidity down at Disney was unlike any humidity we had experienced up in Chicago this summer. It was hot! Keeping this in mind when packing prior to the trip, I opted for comfortable outfits that I could easily run around in while at the parks.

This Lilly for Target romper is a piece I have been wearing all summer and knew it would be perfect for Disney. It's light and easy to throw on even on the hottest days. Oh, and did I mention the pockets? Total win.

I loved how my Preppy Park Ears looked with it, too. The pink and yellow are one of my favorite combinations, and the romper and ears were so fun to wear together!

What do you like to wear at Disney or a theme park?



Summer in the City

Chicago has a plethora of museums but one of my favorites has to be the Art Institute. I love all the different exhibits as well as how close it is to Millennium Park! The other week, I went down to visit the Degas exhibit with my grandmother. My grandma loves going to museums as well and the Degas exhibit was definitely one I wanted to see considering I have danced almost my entire life and have taken French the past four years! 

The exhibit was very well done and had many of the paintings Degas is most famous for. I especially loved the statue, Little Dancer Aged Fourteen. It is such a pretty piece and was very fun to see in person. 

Traveling to the Art Institute, I knew I would be walking a lot and wanted to keep my outfit simple and comfortable. This Lilly skort (yes, skort!!!) is a favorite of mine for its classic look and comfortable feel. I paired it with a white collared Vineyard Vines top and could easily throw on a hot pink cardigan for the chilly train ride downtown. It was the perfect for walking around in all day! 

What do you like to wear when going to a museum or adventuring around town?


Disney Park Necessities

Today, I am missing the most magical place on Earth.  In August, I visited Walt Disney World for the seventeenth time. It is my favorite vacation and I am already looking forward to next year’s trip!

Disney trips are the best, and planning ahead is a must. The past few years I narrowed down exactly what I need to carry for a fun day in the parks. Step one, you need your MagicBand. It’s your key to the world. All your trip information like park tickets, fast passes, are linked to the band. So, it’s a necessity for the park! Prior to your arrival, you can select your color.  For a Lilly girl like me, of course, I chose a pink band. In the parks, they sell different attachments and accessories to personalize your MagicBand. I chose to personalize mine before I arrived with this adorable Disney monogram.

Next, there are a few essentials to carry in your bag. For the past few years, I have used my small Vera Bradley backpack. (Don’t have one?  They sell fun Disney patterned Vera Bradley backpacks in one of the shops on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom). This small backpack has worked well because of its size and accessibility. What goes inside my park bag are all items I always find I need during the day. Keeping the bag light is necessary so extra weight is a no. Here are the contents of my park bag!
Rain Poncho Disney sells these at the park in just about every merchandise store. Because it's Florida, you never know when it's going to pour. It's always a good idea to throw one in, just in case!

Camera This goes without much explanation because it's Disney and everywhere you look there's a photo op!

Water & a Snack Sometimes wait times can be long.  Nothing helps pass the time like nibbling on a small snack. I always have a snack size bag of goldfish or another tasty treat in my bag.  Additionally, it's Florida, it’s hot. So, I am sure to keep a bottle of water handy. It’s important to stay hydrated. There’s lots to do and you want to keep your energy up.

Portable Phone Charger Between taking a million pictures and checking the Disney app for wait times, a phone is likely to die quickly. Having a charger on hand never hurts in case you run out of juice!
Preppy Park Ears I wore my ears every day while I was down at Disney! Definitely a necessity for any Lilly and Disney enthusiast.
What are your Disney Park necessities?


New School Year, New Agenda

The first item on my school supply list that I purchased this summer was my Lilly agenda. I am one of those people who rely on their agenda for just about everything so agendas are always a must for me when it comes to starting a new school year.

There are so many options when I comes to purchasing agendas and finding one you like can be difficult! However once I find one that works for me, I tend to be a creature of habit and never feel the need to venture out of what I like. This will be my third year using a Lilly Pulitzer agenda and I have already been busy adding my new assignments and upcoming dates.

If you haven't purchased an agenda yet, there is still time to get one! All of Lilly's prints this year are perfect and you really can't go wrong. This year, I got the All Nighter print in the large size and personalized it with a monogram sticker.


Do you have an agenda? Which one did you select?



Lilly Pulitzer Oak Brook Opening

To say I was excited for the new Lilly Pulitzer store in Oak Brook is a serious understatement. When the printed walls went up and the store opening was announced, I knew I wanted to be there for the store opening.

We arrived at the store a little bit after it opened and it was packed! Everyone was sporting their pink and green. The staff was very nice, helpful, and welcoming! They were all so friendly and it was fun to get to know some of them!

The store is quite colorful and very Lilly. The walls had the simplest but perfect details on them with Lilly sayings here and there. One wall had a bright colorful print and it really showed off what Lilly is all about!

What I loved most? The dressing rooms. Each displayed a different print. I ended up in the Chicago-inspired dressing room. It was well done and captured many of Chicago's well-known aspects like the skyline and deep dish pizza. I spent way too long just taking pictures of the walls...oops!

To top everything off, I met my first reader! Caitlin was so nice and friendly and it was such a pleasure to meet her! Since this had never happened before, I was really shocked and was excited!

I went back to the store with my cousin Katie a few days later and we had the best time playing dress up! It was so great to meet Megan, one of the staff members. We follow one another on Instagram and it was fun to meet in person!

I am so glad that Chicago now has a Lilly store in the area and it was so fun to be there on opening day! I see many trips to the store in future!

Have you ever been to a Lilly store?



Taylor Swfit 1989 World Tour in Chicago

A few weeks ago, my cousin, Katie arrived for the Taylor Swift 1989 concert and to visit Chicago for a few days. Because we had both wanted to see Taylor in concert together for years, our excitement could not be contained all afternoon! After a quick lunch and getting ready, we headed downtown for the concert.
A quick picture stop at the Bean before eating dinner was just about all we had time for prior to the concert. Once we made it to Solider Field, we were just in time to hear Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy, and Haim open for Taylor. All of these artists were so talented and we both really enjoyed the openings!
To sum it up, the concert was incredible. Taylor (as usual), was perfect. The stage, lighting, dances, and costumes were so well done. One amazing and unique aspect of the concert was the individual lighted wristbands worn by the audience.  Every person in the audience received their own wristband as they entered Soldier Field. The wristbands all began lighting when Taylor took the stage.  Then they were synchronized with different colors of flashing light that went perfectly with the “feel,” beats, and big moments in each song. It was so cool to experience the crowd around me as well as a whole show on stage, too!
Taylor brought two guests on stage with her which was such a fun surprise. Andy Grammar sang "Honey I'm Good" and everyone sang along! Serayah from the TV show Empire and the Bad Blood music video came on a bit later. Both guests were perfect additions to the show. 
At the end of the night, I ran into a reader (it was so nice to meet you, Gina!) and was completely taken aback at the fact that I had met two readers in a three day period. It was surreal! I never really thought I’d meet my readers.  However, the experience, while a little crazy, is such fun. 

The night was flawless and I will never let it go (anyone catch my refernce? ;) ). It was amazing to hear Taylor in concert and I will never forget being in stadium with 55,000 other Taylor fans screaming and singing along. Truly a wonderful night!

Have you ever been to a Taylor Swift concert?



Summer in Lilly: Collab with The Preppy Press

One of my favorite parts of summer is all the bright colors that come along with it. My favorite clothing brand that captures these colors is Lilly Pulitzer. With preppy prints and classic styles, I am almost always resorting to Lilly when it comes to summer outfits.
Today, Elise, the blogger behind The Preppy Press, and I are sharing how we style one of our favorite looks for a summer in Lilly! We both share a love for bright colors and classic styles so it's no surprise that we easily agreed on this fun idea. Be sure to head over to The Preppy Press to see how Elise is summering in Lilly!
While it's been a cooler summer in Chicago this year, we have had some pretty hot days in July and August. On these days, I love to pull out colorful Callahans and a simple but bright top for a cool yet colorful look. These Electric Feel printed shorts are ones that I've been wearing all summer. I can always find a top that goes well with them since the print incorporates so many colors. I especially love how this hot pink peplum top looks with them.
Don't forget to head over to see Elise's look at The Preppy Press!

How do you summer in Lilly?


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