XOXO, Kathleen: A Sweet Way to Celebrate


Happy Valentine's Day! Today's post is part of Mikayla from A Seersucker State of Mind's link up. Be sure to refer back to her post to see so many fun Valentine's Day inspired posts from amazing bloggers! Thank you, Mikayla, for including me in this link up! 

While I will be treating today more like Galentine's Day, I can't help but love seeing so much red and pink and eating delicious treats. One of my favorite snacks to make are Rolo pretzel bites. They are super easy to make and the sweet/salty taste always hits the spot. I totally love finding new recipes for tasty treats, so I thought I would share this easy and fun recipe. Plus, it is incredibly festive. I love how it can be modified for any holiday, too! If you decide to make these delectable desserts be sure to tag me in a photo on Instagram (@letsgetpreppy_) or email me a picture (letsgetpreppy@gmail.com). I would love to hear what you think!

What you'll need:
Bag of mini pretzels (shape is up to you!)
Bag of Rolos (be sure to unwrap them after you purchase)
Bag of White Chocolate Mini Chocolate Chips 
Sprinkles (to fit the Valentine's theme, pink and red are always a great pair)
Cookie Sheet
Parchment paper (to fit your cookie sheet)

How to:
1.) Preheat your oven to 200°. 
2.) First, place the parchment paper over the cookie sheet. 
3.) Put the pretzels onto the parchment paper. The pretzels can be close together, but not touching. Normally, I am able to fit a good amount on the sheet. 
4.) Once the pretzels are in place, set an unwrapped Rolo on top of each pretzel near the center. 

5.) Set the completed cookie sheet into the heated oven for around three minutes. I tend to check them around 2.5 minutes to see how melted they are, but by three minutes they're normally good to go. The Rolo shouldn't be too melted otherwise you'll just get a gooey chocolate mess. 
6.) While the pretzels are in the oven, pour the bag of mini white chocolate chips into a bowl. Put the bowl into the microwave for about two minutes. Take the bowl out and stir. If it's a little lumpy, stick the bowl back in the microwave for 30 seconds and stir afterwards.

7.) When the pretzels are ready to be taken out, put another pretzel onto the Rolo. It will probably look like a messy Rolo-pretzel sandwich. 
8.) Once the Rolo is cool, dip the pretzel halfway into the melted white chocolate. 
9.) After it is covered halfway, sprinkle the white chocolate covered side of the pretzel with festive sprinkles. 

10.) Let them cool for a few minutes, and then enjoy!

The recipe is relatively easy and quick, and the end product is so tasty. Again, be sure to tag/send me any pictures! I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine's Day! What will you be up to?

Don't forget to check out Mikayla's post as well as the other bloggers included in the link-up. Thanks again, Mikayla!



  1. These look so tasty! I cannot wait to try it out! Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Thanks for hosting such a fun link-up! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
      xx, Kathleen

  2. Love how simple these are! I'll have to remember them for next year. :)