Monday Mix No. 33

Happy Monday! I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend. I always love an extra day to sleep in, relax at home and begin the week well rested. It’s been a bit chilly here in Tuscaloosa this week, so I’ve got cozy on my mind for this week’s mix! 


I’m dreaming of temperatures in which I can comfortably wear dresses. I thought this gingham one would be a great transitional piece from winter to spring, and I really like the balloon sleeve. Dresses without a waist have become one of my favorites during the pandemic, and this looks comfy while still looking dressed up.


This twist front top is already out of stock in multiple colors. This plum color is gorgeous and a great piece for January. Throw it on with leggings or joggers for a comfy day at home working or attending virtual class. I love that it has the thumb holes too.


This knit sweater is under $15 and available in this pretty blue and a hot pink color. Target has had so many fun sweaters this season, and this one would be a great Zoom top at home or dressed up with jeans for going out.


It’s not uncommon that a sherpa makes its way into the mix, and I was excited to find this one that is under $30 and comes in multiple colors. I live in my sherpas when I am in the Midwest and always slip one on to add an extra layer of warmth during the winter months. The inside is microfleece, and I like the front pocket detail. 


Speaking of warmth, my feet are always freezing during winter! These fuzzy ankle boots caught my eye because of their height and cozy look. They would be perfect for slipping on when running errands or even just wearing them around the house. 


I’m already looking forward to Valentine’s Day and decorated my room last week! If you’re looking for a subtle decoration, this colorful Evelyn Henson heart card would be fun on a pinboard or in a frame. I recommend ordering now so it can arrive in plenty of time to be enjoyed prior to Valetnine’s Day!


How pretty is this headband?! I spotted when perusing the J. Crew website and thought the floral print was so pretty. It is another great transitional piece from winter to spring and would look perfect with a white or navy top and jeans.


I hope you have a great, short week!


Cute Sets and PJs for Valentine's Day

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While I certainly am sad that the holiday season is behind us, I'm already looking forward to the next celebration! I love Valentine’s Day because of the pink and red colors as well as the opportunity to show a little extra love to my family and friends. It’s such a fun holiday amidst a gloomy and gray winter.


No matter what your Valentine’s Day plans will look like, I think a fun loungewear set or Pjs is a fun way to treat yourself and enjoy the holiday beyond February 14. I mentioned this in my Christmas and holiday PJ roundup in November, but I love PJs and putting on something cute and comfy at the end of the day. This past year has really taught us the value of embracing the comfort of home, and PJs or sets are a wonderful way to feel festive while still feeling cozy.


I’ve included both loungewear sets and PJs in this roundup and even added a fun pair of llama socks because I had some extra room ;). There are various price points and styles depending on your taste and the temperature in your house/apartment/dorm room. 


I have the purple and pink set in blue and love how comfy it is! I like to wear it on Saturday or Sunday while working on homework or hanging with my roommates in my apartment. I also have the light pink striped short sleeve PJ set in navy and it is by far the softest PJ set I own. I love every pair I included in this roundup and would love to add any to my wardrobe, but I wanted to call out those specifically because I already own variations.


I hope you see something you love! Do you enjoy seasonal PJs or sets too?


Ice Rollers: The Benefits and How I Use Mine

If you follow along on Insta stories, you likely have seen my ice roller at some point or another. I purchased an ice roller in the summer of 2019 for fun but really got into a routine with it this past fall and winter. My family and friends are likely tired of hearing me rave about it, but after consistent use over the past few months I wanted to share with you in case you’re looking to find ways to ~treat yo self~ in the new year.



Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. An ice roller is different than a jade roller because it’s made with small water beads that freeze when you stick it in the freezer. It is wider than a jade roller and can cover more surface area that way. It comes in two pieces: the roller and the handle. I detach the roller from the handle and place it in a Ziploc bag after using it. It gets really cold (truly like ice) and even has a very light frost covering it after taking it out of the freezer.


Ever heard of an ice massage? An ice roller is essentially an at-home spa treatment for your face. Rolling it on your face decreases puffiness, shrinks pores and promotes blood circulation. How’s that for a great way to start the day?! I especially love it after a late night when I can see how tired I look. I also like to use it to help headaches and feel more refreshed in the morning. Though it’s hard to tell if I’ve reaped the long-term benefits yet, it also is supposed to help reduce wrinkles and slow aging. A pretty great perk for a purchase under $20!


Another added benefit of an ice roller is that it doesn’t need to be replaced or replenished like many other beauty products. It is pretty sturdy, and I haven’t seen any reviews indicating it’s broken for others. Though it has a relatively low price tag, rest assured it’s good quality. 



After taking the roller out of the freezer, I connect it to the handle and start with the area under my eyes. Oftentimes I just place it there for a minute to enjoy the cold, then I start rolling. I mix it up between horizontal and vertical strokes, but I can really feel this area begin to de-puff. I then move to my forehead and again use a mix of horizontal and vertical strokes. I go all the way from my eyebrow up to my hairline. To finish up I use it vertically on my temples and along my jawline. The roller stays cold for awhile, so on slower mornings I usually go back to my under-eye area and repeat any other areas that may need some extra attention. 


Once I’m finished, I put the roller back in the Ziploc and stick it back in the freezer. The Ziploc bag isn’t necessary, but I think it keeps the roller clean. You can also stick the handle in the freezer too, but I like that it’s not freezing when I hold it in the morning, haha.


There are many ice rollers on Amazon ranging from $10-$20. I looked into many and believe the only main difference between them all is the color, so if that’s not a deal breaker for you, this green one appears to be the most affordable. Regardless of which color you choose, I don’t think you can go wrong with this budget-friendly beauty product. It is one item I loved in 2020 and can’t wait to keep it in my routine this year too.


Do you use an ice roller? I’d love to hear if you’re a fan too!


Monday Mix No. 32

Happy Monday! This is my first Monday Mix of 2021 and includes a couple items I’ve loved over winter break and a few fun pieces for the new year. I drove down to Tuscaloosa this weekend and am excited to watch the National Championship tonight. Fingers crossed it’s a great end to my senior year winter break.


After spending a few weeks in the Midwest winter, I’m already looking forward to dress weather again. I love this sweatshirt dress that is under $30 and comes in four great neutral colors. It would make a great transition piece from winter to spring!


I wore this sweater frequently over winter break and love its weight and length. It’s perfect to wear with leggings and ideal for working from home. It looks nice on top, but you can still be comfy all day. What more could you ask for?


How gorgeous are these bright blue earrings?! They are handmade and simple statement while adding a fun pop of color to any look. They are under $20 and would be pretty in the winter and spring.


My favorite high waisted leggings are still on sale for $30. I purchased a second pair of black and navy earlier this month and couldn’t recommend them enough. They are a buttery material and suck everything in nicely if you know what I mean, haha. A great affordable legging!


This pretty pink top is currently $25 but I think looks like it would have a much higher price tag. The collar has a fun ruffle detail and would be perfect for a dressier Zoom event or meeting. I also think it would look beautiful dressed up with ankle pants or white jeans too.


Wishing you a wonderful week! Roll tide :) 


Lilly Pulitzer 2021 After Party Sale

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is here! These sales only happen twice each year and are the only time Lilly Pulitzer goes on sale. There are some huge mark downs (oftentimes over 50% off!) and is the best time to purchase Lilly in my opinion.


I feel like I say this in almost every APS post I write, but the After Party Sale is usually when I purchase my Lilly pieces. I’ve scored some great deals throughout the years which helped me build the Lilly collection I have today. It’s a great time to purchase because of the low prices even if you won’t wear some of the pieces for a while (hello, winter in Chicago).


A few things to note when shopping the After Party Sale:

·  Sales are final 

·  Items will go fast and there will be new additions throughout today and tomorrow

·  Items are not safe in your cart, so I recommend checking out with individual purchases. There’s no cost for shipping over $25, so it’s worth it to avoid the risk of an item selling out while you’re perusing the rest of the sale.


I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite finds from the sale in the graphics below and wanted to call out a few pieces that I own in other prints and recommend!


Ophelia Dress — I’ve had this dress for years and love it! I’ve grown to appreciate swing dresses in quarantine because they don’t have a waist and are comfortable all day long. If you’ll be working from home this spring and are looking for something comfortable to wear, you can’t go wrong with this dress. It also is fun dressed up with a pair of sandals and statement earrings for a night out!


Marlowe T-Shirt Dress — I own this dress in multiple prints and think it’s another great dress that’s comfortable yet put together. It’s a bit more fitted and goes great with a cardigan for some extra warmth. The fabric is soft and think it’s a nice middle ground between dressed up and comfortable.


Elsa Top — Elsas are likely one of my most worn Lilly items. I have multiple prints and wear them with skirts, white jeans, regular jeans, ankle pants and even leggings on Zoom calls ;) They are the ultimate throw-on and look put together piece. I would size down if you’re between sizes!


Popover — While I don’t own a popover, it’s been on my list for years and would definitely snag one if it’s in stock! I hate that majority of my Lilly is more geared toward the spring and summer but think a popover is a great way to add color during the gray winter. These typically sell quickly but I think it would be a great purchase if you are eager to break out some spring colors even if the weather doesn’t allow you to do so.


Masks — Masks are buy one, get one free! I have a few Lilly masks and love that they are bright and colorful. They go with many outfits, and I frequently get compliments on them. Highly recommend purchasing a mask or two to get some spring colors in your mask rotation.


Best of luck shopping and I hope this post was helpful! I’d love to hear what you score in the sale. 

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