Monday Mix

Happy Monday! I’m not sure about you, but it has felt like a very Monday Monday to me. I think the mid-semester slump is hitting, but I’m looking forward to next weekend’s big game against Georgia. Today’s Monday Mix is fall-centric. I have been loving the different fall collections out right now and hope you enjoy some of my picks!


I was browsing the J. Crew Factory sale and this navy raincoat caught my eye. I like that it is longer and has both a zipper and snaps. It’s currently 70% off, so if you’re in the market for a new raincoat, you might want to snatch this one!


It’s still quite warm here in Tuscaloosa and while I’m enjoying the last of the summer temps, I am looking forward to pulling out a sweater again. This pink mock neck sweater is really pretty and comes in so many colors. I think it would be easy to dress it up with some ankle pants and cute mules but would be perfect with yoga pants and slippers too. 


My friend Bekkah and I went shopping at my favorite boutique in town last week and I picked up this fun fall dress. I will be wearing it for the game this weekend, but I think it would be so fun for a variety of occasions. 


Lisi Lerch released their new holiday collection last week, and there are so many pretty pieces. These beaded hoops are a great statement earring for the fall and wintertime. I love that they have a little sparkle to them.


I have been thinking about adding to my mask collection for fall, and I immediately want to add this gingham one to my cart. I have one Draper James mask already and love the fit and quality of it. The gingham masks come in several colors and are only $12.


I hope you have a great week!


Tips for Having a Productive Sunday


Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. I’m sure I’m not the only one with a love/hate relationship with Sundays. I love having a day to get everything done, but sometimes the looming week ahead can bring the Sunday scaries!


Over the past few weeks, I’ve tried incorporating a few different activities into my routine to help start my week on the right foot. I’ve found continuing these tasks each week helps and hope they may be helpful for you as well.


Fill out your planner as much as possible

In 2020, schedules are more unpredictable than ever. There is nothing worse than waking up on a Monday and realizing you forgot to do something you wanted to get done over the weekend. In an effort to feel as though I got as much done as I possibly could over the weekend, I go class by class to see any upcoming assignments for the week, and I try to schedule any meetings for extra curriculars into my calendar. I’m not always entirely successful at getting everything done for the week ahead, but at least having it on my radar and seeing when I will work on items throughout the week is really helpful.


Get your laundry done

When I lived in the dorm and in my sorority house, everyone had this same idea on the weekend. I am a firm believer though that having clean clothes and/or sheets and towels to start the week is a huge help. The earlier you can get up to snag an empty washing machine, the better! I like to get my laundry done all at once on the weekend so I don’t have to worry about it during the week.


Go to bed early

Anyone else feel like time moves at a different speed on a Sunday night? One minute the clock says 7 p.m., the next it’s 11 p.m. Making an effort to get to bed at a reasonable hour is a great way to start the week feeling energized rather than exhausted. Sometimes a late Sunday night is unavoidable, but the earlier I can get to bed, the better I feel when my alarm goes off on Monday.


Do something for you

Whether it’s treating yourself to a coffee, baking cookies for the week ahead or taking an extra long shower, I find that doing something for myself on Sunday helps me start the week feeling a little better. We all need some extra self-care this year and taking a little time to do something you enjoy on a Sunday is a great way to help feel like the weekend was productive and renewing.


Do you have any tips for having a productive Sunday? I’d love to hear!


Monday Mix

Woot woot happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start. I’m in a cozy mood recently (despite the fact that it’s still 80 degrees most days) and have been gravitating toward comfy sweaters and pullovers. You’ll see some of my recent comfy and cozy finds in today’s mix. Enjoy!


I just purchased this gray mock neck sweater and am already looking forward to wearing it. The style can easily be dressed up or down, and I think the color is flattering on everyone.


How dainty are these earrings?! The pale pink is a perfect transition color for the fall and into winter too. I like that these have a post back that make them more comfortable to wear all day long.


This athleisure sweatshirt is a little different, but I think the color is really pretty. It’s currently $25 and would be a great lightweight addition for a cooler walk to class.


I do not need another Sherpa pullover in my closet, but if I did, this would be first on my list. It comes in four colors and is currently almost 60% off. Hello, Zoom winter wear!


These cozy slippers were one of my earliest purchases this year, and I love slipping them on the minute I get back to my apartment. I wear them all the time and love how they are lightweight and cozy at the same time.


I hope you have a great week ahead!


DIY Pom Pom Pumpkins

Happy October! It’s hard to believe that spooky season is already here. October is one of my favorite months, and I’m excited for cooler temperatures, football and yummy treats that come with this season.


I am already looking forward to decorating my apartment a bit more this weekend for the upcoming holiday and season. I love decorating colorfully, and last year my mom found these colorful pom pom Christmas trees that I got so many compliments on. I decided to do something similar for the fall with pumpkins. This DIY project is inexpensive and simple, and only requires three items for assembly. How amazing is that?!


First, you will need a plastic pumpkin or two to decorate. I recommend heading to the Target dollar section for this. The pumpkins will be covered, so it doesn’t really matter what they look like. I tried to find pumpkins with a gold stem to make the final product look more cohesive.


Then, pick out a bag or two of pom poms. You can choose to keep things consistent with one color, but in my opinion, the more color, the better! The last item you will need is a hot glue gun.


The assembly is super easy. I made rows of pom poms about a centimeter apart so they could dry faster. After you’ve made your way around the pumpkin, go back and fill in the empty rows. The key is to get the pom poms tightly packed together to cover the entire exterior. 


Voila! You now have a cute and colorful pumpkin! Let me know if you decide to make your own DIY pom pom pumpkin. I’d love to see it!


Monday Mix

pjs | top | sweater | earrings | headband

After a new mini Nancy Meyers movie and the return of SEC football, this week has a tough act to follow! I hope everyone enjoyed this past week and is looking forward to the week ahead. This week’s Monday Mix contains a few items I’ve wanted to add to cart recently. Between comfy PJs and cute fall accessories, I hope you love this mix!


Did anyone else spend all of Sunday in PJs? I will be honest and say that I did. 2020 is the year for making PJs a full day’s outfit, and this pretty navy striped set looks so cozy.


I saw this silk top on Kate from Lonestar Southern last week and immediately wanted to purchase it. It is a great transition top for fall when it’s not quite cold enough for a sweater and would look cute with white jeans or a navy skirt.


I’ve been looking to add to the Alabama collection in my closet and love this vintage knit sweater. I like that it’s a step up from a traditional sweatshirt but could still be dressed up or down. The sweaters are available for several other schools. Definitely check them out to see if they have your school too!


I’ve been seeing stars (literally) everywhere on campus for the past year or so, and these gold earrings are both trendy and elegant. They are a bit of a splurge but would make a great birthday or holiday gift (too early?!).


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you know that I spent my Friday afternoon watching Father of the Bride Part 3(ish). I ended up watching the first and second movies as well which was the perfect way to spend my Friday. I love Annie’s style (even if it was almost 30 years ago!) and purchased a similar black headband to the one she wears in the first scene of the movie. I love how timeless this accessory is and it will be perfect for fall.


Anything you’ve been eyeing lately? I hope you have a great week ahead!

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