Monday Mix No. 4

Happy Monday! Anyone else been counting down to The Bachelorette finale tonight?! It's been fun to watch a fellow Alabama girl on the show this summer, but I'm excited to see what happens tonight. I'm torn between Tyler. Who are you rooting for?!

If you're looking to do some shopping during the commercial breaks, I've pulled together a few fun summery pieces for this week's Monday Mix. 

Pink earrings are my favorite because I love adding a pop of color to any outfit. This pink raffia pair is super cute and perfect for the summer.

Affordable dresses that you can wear summer after summer? Yes, please! This $21 seersucker dress is a timeless classic, and the ruffle front is such a pretty feminine touch.

I got the Kimmie Espadrille Wedges as a gift this spring and have worn them with quite the variety of outfits this summer. They are incredibly comfortable and are an easy way to dress up sundresses. I highly recommend if you're looking for shoes for recruitment!

Cross body bags have been my go-to this summer, and I just picked up this rattan cross body. Rattan has been so popular this summer, and I was happy to see this bag was only $25.

Move in is just around the corner, and I can't wait to incorporate this fun elephant into my room this year. It's small and doesn't take up a lot of space, and you can put items inside too. Now I just have to think of a name for him!


Monday Mix No. 3: The Container Store College Sale

Happy Monday! I cannot believe that we are in the final stretch of July... it feels like it was just the Fourth of July. Is anyone else's summer flying by?!

Though I hate to think of summer ending, stores are ready for back to school. The Container Store's sale is one to look through if you're going to college this fall. Whether you're moving in a dorm or need a little more organization than last year, it's a great time to shop storage solutions on sale. For 20% off your purchase, text COLLEGE to 22922 or sign up online here.

Today's Monday Mix contains items I have used in my dorm and sorority room the past two years and would recommend. You can see all the items in action in my freshman and sophomore room reveals. Any or all the items work easily in a dorm room no matter your style.  

I love this necklace stand as a way to display my jewelry and easily find the piece I'm looking for. I use it for more than necklaces and hang earrings and sunglasses on the branches too. It's a great way to see all your pieces rather than having to dig through a drawer, bag, etc.

I can echo all of my comments about the necklace holder for the matching bracelet holder. The two pair so well together and take up minimal room on a shelf.

The acrylic trays are what I'll be picking up from the sale. My earring collection has grown (oops), and I can no longer fit my earrings on both displays. The acrylic trays are a clean and easy way to store my extra pairs. I like that the dividers in the trays are moveable so you can design the trays to fit your need.

My hot tool holder is an item I've had for years and highly recommend. I use it for my hair dryer, straightener and brushes. I like that these items have a place to go and cool after I'm done using them rather than melt a surface and have cords laying everywhere. It can sit on a surface itself or hook onto a towel rod making it easy to use in a variety of spaces.

The Poppin desk organizer is another item I've used both before and during college. I think my love for desk organization dates back to the first grade, ha! I am a big fan of how the tray cleanly holds different desk supplies all in one place and doesn't take up too much workspace on the desk or in a drawer. You can also buy the pieces separately too.

This rolling cart is an item I've used two different ways. In my freshman year dorm, it slid under my bed and held cleaning supplies, extra contact solution, etc. Last year in my sorority room, the first shelf was a mini workstation and held all my hair supplies by the mirror where I did my hair. Underneath I held extra supplies again. The wheels make the cart easy to move around and the shelves hold so much. You can really use the cart however you see the need and it looks clean on its own or tucked away.

Let me know if you find any great items from The Container Store sale!


Nordstrom Sale Items I Own + Recommend

The Nordstrom Sale opens to the public today, and I wanted to share a few items included in the sale that I use frequently as a college student. I personally only shop the sale for investment pieces and items I know will last me for years to come. All the pieces in this roundup are either items I own or similar. 

My biggest recommendation for the sale is to stock up on Zella leggings and pants. My Zella leggings have held up much better than my Lululemon ones over the years, and I think the quality is incredibly similar if not the same.

I have the full length high waisted leggings, 7/8 leggings and the Plank pants. The high waisted full length are thick and are great for sucking everything in, ha! I love the 7/8s for warmer days and they are great for changing it up a bit. The Plank pants have a slight flare to them and are likely my favorite. The flare just makes them a bit more fun than traditional leggings. All the pants are under $30 (!!!) and the Plank pants are over 50% off. It's a great time to stock up on quality pants for the fall and winter. I wear leggings almost every day during the colder seasons, and these prices aren't likely to return during that time.

My next set of recommendations is investing in a few staple shoes college students are likely to wear year round. 

I ordered ankle rain boots after a rainy spring this year and liked them much more than anticipated. Walking around campus in knee high boots made for a long day, and I found them to be very heavy. Weather can be unpredictable too, so if I left the house when it was pouring but it was sunny an hour later, I was stuck wearing my heavy boots all day. The ankle boots are lightweight and keep my feet dry — great for wearing for long periods of time.

Though I love my new ankle rain boots, they don't keep my legs quite as dry as the knee high ones did. One of my least favorite things is being wet from the rain and sitting in a cold, air-conditioned classroom. It can be a long hour of being chilly and uncomfortable. The knee high boots are great for campuses full of puddles like Alabama and those days where it down pours the entire day. 

Having both pairs, I can't recommend one over the other. I think it's totally a personal decision based on how you'll be wearing them. The prices on the Hunter boots are lower during the sale, and I would recommend investing in a good pair of rain boots before heading to college.

The third pair of shoes I recommend are neutral slip ons. I have multiple pairs of neutral slip ons because I wear them so frequently. I love them because they're so easy to dress up or down. I can wear these to my on campus job dressed up or to go out on the weekend with a more casual look. The neutral color makes them easy to go with a number of outfits, and choosing a comfortable shoe is key to go from day to night.

My final set of recommendations is centered around tops. There are a few items in the sale that are great prices for how frequently I find myself wearing them.

I have a few fleece pullovers and even though I don't like cold weather, I love getting to pull them out  every year. This $50 cream pullover would easily go with a number of wintry outfits, and the fleece is sure to keep you warm. It's a comfortable staple piece that could be worn year after year.

Along a similar line is this Patagonia vest. I wear oversized t-shirts frequently at school, and a vest is a great layer to throw on over during those cooler days. I've had my fleece vest for years and wear it all the time during the cooler months.

I recently got a pink athleisure top and prefer it to oversized t-shirts for a bit more put together even in my casual outfits. I love the pop of pink year round, too! This $30 tank comes in the prettiest pastel colors and the fit is a bit more relaxed. Throw on a jacket and it transitions so easily for fall.

What are you eyeing from the Nordstrom sale?


Sorority Recruitment Bag Essentials

Sorority recruitment is just around the corner, and I cannot believe it was almost two years ago that I was a potential new member! One of my most read blog posts is what I wore for sorority recruitment, so I thought I would share what I put in my recruitment bag this year. As I wrote in that post,  I do not want any of my recruitment posts to come across like I am some sort of coach, but I found these types of posts helpful when I was going through recruitment. 

For my bag during recruitment, I chose a medium sized pink Kate Spade tote that I had had for years. It truly does not matter what kind of bag you use — you won't bring it inside any of the houses, so it doesn't need to be a reflection of your style. All bags will sit outside the houses under tents and are watched by Rho Chis or Rho Gammas. I recommend using something that is practical and you don't mind setting on the ground. 

Additionally, I recommend not overfilling your bag. Once you determine what you'll put in it, I would not recommend adding other random items you're unlikely to use. It is a long day and depending on transportation, you do not want to carry an unnecessarily heavy bag on a long walk back to your dorm after a long, hot day. 

While my list is what worked for me in August in the South, there are countless lists of other items I may have missed. A quick search may give you more ideas. Now onto what I put in my bag...

Refillable Water Bottle - It's so important to stay hydrated all day long in the heat. Panhellenic will likely have water stations, so a refillable water bottle is crucial for staying cool and refreshed on the long days.

Hand Towel - On days later in the week, the parties you are invited to may be far apart. Depending on where your parties are, you may have to sit on the sidewalk, the grass, or wherever is available. I even sat in a parking garage for an hour during a rain delay! I recommend bringing a hand towel to sit on so your outfits don't get dirty.

Flip Flops - While I just talked about sitting down between parties, you'll likely spend most of the day on your feet. There is nothing worse than sore or blistered feet on a walk back to the dorm, so sticking in some flip flops are an easy way to provide comfort between or after parties.

Personal Fan - This was my holy grail during recruitment. It is HOT, especially in the South. Having a fan kept me cool between parties and on my breaks. I personally think this is the most important item on this list.

Pen and Notebook - Remembering names, conversations, and how you felt about each house and experience is incredibly important for voting, but it can be difficult to do at the end of the day. I recommend carrying a small notebook with a pen to jot down any thoughts after every house that you can look back on at the end of the day or week. Panhellenic may provide a booklet for notes and that is a great item too!

Portable Phone Charger - It is a long day, and though you won't be on your phone much during the day, I'd recommend a portable phone charger just in case. If you have a long break between parties or are keeping notes on your phone, it's nice to have the charger should you need it.

Blotting Wipes - The fan kept me cool, but blotting wipes helped keep my face from getting oily in between parties. I definitely recommend them for trying to hold your make up all day. 

Make Up - This is a personal choice, but I kept mascara, powder and eyeliner with me during the day in case I needed a touch up. I recommend a lip gloss over a lipstick — the lipstick may melt in the sun, and you don't want it getting all over your bag!

Brush and Hair Tie - After my last party of the day, the first thing I did was put my hair up. It was so nice to have it off my neck and away from my face in the heat. These are two lightweight items that aren't necessary, but I was thankful I had them. 

Snack - Sometimes lunch can feel so far away, or if a rain delay occurs in the afternoon, voting may not end until way after dinner time. I kept a snack bag of Goldfish and a granola bar in my bag in case I got hungry during the day. I wouldn't recommend anything with chocolate — it'll melt!

Mints - If you have a snack... you're going to want a mint afterward. I had mints all the time during recruitment because I was talking all day. I would highly recommend mints over gum. You don't want to forget to throw out your gum and be chomping on gum while talking to a potential sister.

Band Aids - It's a long week on your feet, and a blister is likely to occur at some point or another. I recommend throwing a small pack of band aids in your bag so you're ready if/when you need them.

Kleenex - These are just a good item to have on hand regardless. Can't recommend them for any reason other than the convenience.

Hand Sanitizer - Going to lunch with grimy hands is the worst feeling. Throw in a travel size hand sanitizer and you're set for eating with clean hands all week.

Current sorority members, have I forgotten anything?! 

If you are going through recruitment this fall, best of luck and remember to be yourself! I hope this post helps you pack your perfect recruitment bag.


Monday Mix No. 2

Happy Monday! Can you believe we're halfway through July?! It seems crazy to me how fast this summer is flying by. I'm trying to soak up summer as much as I can and am so happy it's supposed to be another warm week here in Chicago.

I got these navy scallop leggings this spring and they are by far my favorite pair that I own. They feel like butter and the scallop detailing is just too cute.

PJ sets are one of my favorite things, and I love this pink striped set. Perfect for keeping cool on a summer night.

Rattan seems to be all the rage this summer, and these $8 earrings would make a summery addition to any outfit. 

If you follow me on Insta, you know that these seersucker mules have been my go-to. They are comfortable and are so easy to dress up or down.

This white ruffle top just screams summer. Its $22 and also comes in black. Throw on some jeans or shorts, add some fun statement earrings and you're good to go!


Monday Mix No. 1

Happy Monday and welcome to a new series on Let's Get Preppy! I'm excited to kick off my Monday Mix: a roundup of my favorite items I've seen or been using that week. Expect affordable pieces with an occasional investment splurge thrown in, and all things fun and colorful.

This week features a few personal summer staples. I have been wearing statement earrings nonstop recently, and this pair is so fun.  

I'm loving Target's accessories recently, and this crossbody is towards the top of my list. The detailing and neutral color are perfect for wearing all summer long.

Ruffle swimsuits are in this summer, and this J. Crew factory suit combines that with pink seersucker — a match made in heaven. 

My favorite sweater during the summer months is a navy and white one that's easy to throw on and style with a variety of outfits. This one is less than $20 and is such a staple.

Cute and comfy slip ons have been my go-to this summer, and I've been eyeing this gold pair that's only $10 right now. 


June Favorites

As June comes to an end, I thought I'd share my favorite products that I've used this past month. This collection is a little random, but I've found a few favorites that I know I will continue to be a fan of throughout the summer.

I have used Jergens every summer for a few years now to help add a little summer glow to my look. The daily lotion and after shower lotion have been my tried and true favorites, but I began using the mousse after my roommate had success this spring. It's easy to apply with a mitt and lasts for several days so it doesn't require daily maintenance like other products I've used in the past. The color looks natural and it dries quickly which is a huge plus. I still use the lotions occasionally to help keep the color, but I was surprised by how much I liked the mousse.

To continue my summer beauty glow, I've been using Sun In, a heat-activated hair highlight product. This helps my hair look like I've been out in the sun all summer when in reality I am sitting in the office most of the time, ha! I wash my hair at night, spray it on after my shower and blow dry. The change isn't instant, but I have noticed it lightening over time. I would definitely recommend if you are looking for an inexpensive way to add some color to your hair this summer.

I read on the train ride to work each day and finished the Crazy Rich Asians series in June. I loved the movie last fall, and the books do not disappoint either. Each book is highly entertaining and a great light read. If you're looking to add to your summer reading list, give these a try. It was bittersweet finishing such a fun series!

If you're a college student, you're likely familiar with the necessity of a phone pocket. Whether it's using my student card to get into buildings or wanting to go out without worrying about a purse, I love how a phone pocket doesn't require me to worry about having all the necessary cards on hand. I've been using this iridescent pocket I found on Amazon and am a big fan of its sturdiness. I've found it lasts longer than the rubber pockets and the neutral color compliments any fun colored phone case.

I'm a huge fan of ice cream during the summer, but really, who isn't. I love ending my day or meal with a sweet treat, and these Trader Joe's mini ice cream cones are the perfect size. They are great to have in our freezer at home and it feels like I am always wanting to restock. They're just so good!

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to always have my nails painted. Anyone else feel more put together by just having their nails done?! My favorite color to wear is light pink nail colors, and Essie's Fiji has been my go-to this summer so far. The shade is just right, but if you're looking to add to your summer collection, I rounded up my favorite summery colors in this post.

What have your go-to products been this month? Let me know and I may give them a try in July!


Fourth of July Sale Roundup

Happy (almost) Fourth! I hope you're long weekend is off to a great start and you're decked out in red, white and blue.

There are a few great sales this weekend that I wanted to share. Whether you're looking for a few new pieces for the summer or stocking up on staples, I've pulled together a variety of items that I think are at a great price.

Happy shopping and enjoy your looooong weekend!

30% off sale items

Markdowns on sale items

Up to 60% off everything

20% off everything + free shipping with code FIREWORKS

60% off summer styles with code HBDUSA

60% off new arrivals + extra 60% off clearance

30% off with code SAVEMORE


Classic Navy for the Fourth

One of the many reasons I love the Fourth is the fun colors. Red, white and blue are all colors I can find in my closet regardless of the time of year, and I find putting together outfits for the holiday easy because of this.

With the holiday just around the corner, I wanted to share a look that is both festive and fun for the Fourth. This Sail to Sable dress is such a classic. The navy is perfect for the Fourth, and the white detailing makes it a staple I know I can pull out for countless occasions all summer long. I added a little red to the mix with these ball drop earrings I found at Target last year. Paired with white Jack Rogers sandals, this look is so easy to put together and comfortable to wear all day long in the summer heat.

What will you be wearing on the Fourth?!

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