Petite Packing

With Easter this weekend and a few other long weekends in the mix this spring, I have already begun making my packing list. It can be tricky packing during the springtime, the weather can be questionable, the occasion may require something dressier than typical weekend wear, and packing light is always ideal when it comes to traveling just for a weekend. So, keeping this in mind, here is my packing list for springtime weekend getaways!

Note: a travel outfit for me typically would be an oxford and jeans with Sperrys--items I can rewear while on the trip itself

Two bottoms (jeans, white jeans, paper bag skirt, etc.)
Two tops that could be worn interchangeably with the bottoms
One versatile cardigan that works with both tops
One dress that could be dressed up or down
One pair of spare shoes

Depending on where I'm travelling, I might throw in a pair of sandals as well.

That's it! And, this Vera Bradley weekender is the perfect bag to carry it all. Look close, it's a Disney pattern bag. What could be more fun. Now if I was only headed to Disney!

What do you like to pack for a weekend trip?

Happy travels!



Spring Break At Home

Not going anywhere this spring break? No worries! There is still lots of fun to be had even if it means it's in cold temperatures. Typically, my family travels somewhere tropical for spring break, but one year we stayed put in Illinois. Here are some of the activities I did and recommend, even if the temperature is a little chilly and the skies are a little cloudy. 

1.) Go to a Cupcakery This was so fun. Who doesn't love trying out different cupcakes. Some friends and I drove to different bakeries in the suburbs that specialized strictly in cupcakes. It was such a great time with friends while eating delicious treats too! Sometime soon I would like to go hunting for macarons! 

2.) Movie Night Cuddling up with a movie marathon scheduled for the evening is a perfect way to spend a cold night. Whether it's watching my favorite childhood movies or simply watching Gossip Girl, a night in can be exactly what the break calls for.

3.) Go Downtown This may not be possible for everyone, but something I really enjoy doing is taking a day trip with friends to Chicago. It's a pretty easy commute for me, and I always find it fun to go to Sprinkles for a cupcake, check out a few favorite stores and, of course, take pictures. I am really looking forward to the new Vineyard Vines opening this spring, and definitely will be making my way downtown for that!

4.) Start a Great Book Anyone else find it hard to read a book of their choice during the hectic school year? Starting a book at the beginning spring break usually ensures I finish it by the end, and there are quite a few books on my to-read list I have been wanting to get to. 

5.) A Service Project What a great time to do a volunteer activity! Gather a few friends and head to your local Feed My Starving Children to pack meals or make a blanket for Project Linus while watching a movie. It's a perfect time to pay it forward when you have extra time on your hands. 

What do you plan on doing for spring break?


Stepping Into Spring

After a long snowy winter, spring is very welcome sight.  Recently, I awoke to the sounds of birds singing.  Just like these melodious sounds break winter's solitude so to do the bright spring colors break the color palette of winter neutrals.  Is it any wonder that we eagerly await springs arrival?  So as we step into spring, let me share a look I have eagerly been awaiting to wear.

When I think of bright colored clothes, I immediately think Lilliy Pulitzer. I purchased this beautiful Pink Lemonade Delia shift at the After Party sale and have been waiting for some equally beautiful weather to wear it.  The vibrant pink and bold design scream welcome sunshine and warm temps.  It is easily styled with a pair of Jack Rogers for a casual afternoon or change into a nice pair of wedges for going out for dinner.  Either way you can't miss with this beauty.

With the snow melted and the sun shining,  it won't be long tell he trees are budding and the flowers are blooming.  So, I am going to step into spring in some equally colorfully outfits.  How about you?

Huge thank-you to Mikayla for hosting such a fun link-up! Be sure to see how she is stepping into spring as well as several other bloggers here!



Navy or Nothing

I love a good navy outfit. It's become such a neutral in my closet.  Navy provides such a solid foundation and it complements so many other colors. While it is warming up (a teeny tiny bit), I'm still relying on lots of layers to stay warm. Pairing this fun Vineyard Vines chambray shirt (I mean, how cute are those cuffs?!) with my go-to Ralph Lauren sweater is the perfect amount of warmth this time of year. Pop a vest over it, and I'm good to go! I always love a little pattern play, so the print on the inside of the shirt is fun to wear with the stripes on the vest. 

Do you have a go-to transition outfit?


March Playlist

If you couldn't tell from this post, I am a real creature of habit. I like what I like. It's not that I'm hesitant to try something new, but when it comes to certain things I like to go with what I know. Tried and true are key for me to feel comfortable in certain situations, and one of these situations is music. 

Listening to older songs that I know I enjoy is really comforting and eliminates distractions when I'm studying and trying to check things off my to-do lists. For the past month or so, I've really been listening to these particular songs on repeat. They are calming but many of them still have an upbeat feel that I really like as well. 

Road To Nowhere // Release the Sunbird
Upside Down // Jack Johnson
Blood Brothers // Ingrid Michaelson
Manhattan // Sara Bareilles
Somewhere Only We Know // Lily Allen
Pompeii // Jasmine Thompson
Blood // The Middle East
Not About Angels // Birdy
Four Five Seconds // Rihanna
Thinking About You // Big Scary
Youth // Daughter

What have you been listening to this month? While I am a creature of habit, I'm always interested in hearing new songs. If you have favorites be sure to comment below!


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