Galentine's Movie Line Up (& My Favorite Tasty Treats!)


While Valentine's Day can totally be about celebrating with that "special someone," it can also be such a fun time to spend with friends. There are so many fun activities to do with friends on Valentine's Day like getting dressed up and going out for dinner or decorating heart cookies. My personal favorite is watching movies and eating tasty treats. Valentine's Day treats definitely rival Christmas cookies in my book, and watching some of my favorite movies with great friends is too much fun. Here are some of my favorites! From a couple classics to just flat out funny, there is quite a variety on this list so hopefully there is something for everyone's taste. 

Breakfast at Tiffany's
Roman Holiday 
The Last Song
Freaky Friday
The Proposal
Life As We Know It

As for my favorite treats for movie marathons, you'll probably find me savoring something on the following list!

Chocolate covered popcorn
Hot chocolate (whipped cream, of course and maybe some pink and red sprinkles)
Gharadelli dark chocolate squares
Pretzel Crisps with Jiff peanut butter and chocolate whipped dip
And for a special Valentine's treat, heart cookies with pink frosting

How will you be celebrating Valentine's Day?

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