Sorority Recruitment Bag Essentials


Sorority recruitment is just around the corner, and I cannot believe it was almost two years ago that I was a potential new member! One of my most read blog posts is what I wore for sorority recruitment, so I thought I would share what I put in my recruitment bag this year. As I wrote in that post,  I do not want any of my recruitment posts to come across like I am some sort of coach, but I found these types of posts helpful when I was going through recruitment. 

For my bag during recruitment, I chose a medium sized pink Kate Spade tote that I had had for years. It truly does not matter what kind of bag you use — you won't bring it inside any of the houses, so it doesn't need to be a reflection of your style. All bags will sit outside the houses under tents and are watched by Rho Chis or Rho Gammas. I recommend using something that is practical and you don't mind setting on the ground. 

Additionally, I recommend not overfilling your bag. Once you determine what you'll put in it, I would not recommend adding other random items you're unlikely to use. It is a long day and depending on transportation, you do not want to carry an unnecessarily heavy bag on a long walk back to your dorm after a long, hot day. 

While my list is what worked for me in August in the South, there are countless lists of other items I may have missed. A quick search may give you more ideas. Now onto what I put in my bag...

Refillable Water Bottle - It's so important to stay hydrated all day long in the heat. Panhellenic will likely have water stations, so a refillable water bottle is crucial for staying cool and refreshed on the long days.

Hand Towel - On days later in the week, the parties you are invited to may be far apart. Depending on where your parties are, you may have to sit on the sidewalk, the grass, or wherever is available. I even sat in a parking garage for an hour during a rain delay! I recommend bringing a hand towel to sit on so your outfits don't get dirty.

Flip Flops - While I just talked about sitting down between parties, you'll likely spend most of the day on your feet. There is nothing worse than sore or blistered feet on a walk back to the dorm, so sticking in some flip flops are an easy way to provide comfort between or after parties.

Personal Fan - This was my holy grail during recruitment. It is HOT, especially in the South. Having a fan kept me cool between parties and on my breaks. I personally think this is the most important item on this list.

Pen and Notebook - Remembering names, conversations, and how you felt about each house and experience is incredibly important for voting, but it can be difficult to do at the end of the day. I recommend carrying a small notebook with a pen to jot down any thoughts after every house that you can look back on at the end of the day or week. Panhellenic may provide a booklet for notes and that is a great item too!

Portable Phone Charger - It is a long day, and though you won't be on your phone much during the day, I'd recommend a portable phone charger just in case. If you have a long break between parties or are keeping notes on your phone, it's nice to have the charger should you need it.

Blotting Wipes - The fan kept me cool, but blotting wipes helped keep my face from getting oily in between parties. I definitely recommend them for trying to hold your make up all day. 

Make Up - This is a personal choice, but I kept mascara, powder and eyeliner with me during the day in case I needed a touch up. I recommend a lip gloss over a lipstick — the lipstick may melt in the sun, and you don't want it getting all over your bag!

Brush and Hair Tie - After my last party of the day, the first thing I did was put my hair up. It was so nice to have it off my neck and away from my face in the heat. These are two lightweight items that aren't necessary, but I was thankful I had them. 

Snack - Sometimes lunch can feel so far away, or if a rain delay occurs in the afternoon, voting may not end until way after dinner time. I kept a snack bag of Goldfish and a granola bar in my bag in case I got hungry during the day. I wouldn't recommend anything with chocolate — it'll melt!

Mints - If you have a snack... you're going to want a mint afterward. I had mints all the time during recruitment because I was talking all day. I would highly recommend mints over gum. You don't want to forget to throw out your gum and be chomping on gum while talking to a potential sister.

Band Aids - It's a long week on your feet, and a blister is likely to occur at some point or another. I recommend throwing a small pack of band aids in your bag so you're ready if/when you need them.

Kleenex - These are just a good item to have on hand regardless. Can't recommend them for any reason other than the convenience.

Hand Sanitizer - Going to lunch with grimy hands is the worst feeling. Throw in a travel size hand sanitizer and you're set for eating with clean hands all week.

Current sorority members, have I forgotten anything?! 

If you are going through recruitment this fall, best of luck and remember to be yourself! I hope this post helps you pack your perfect recruitment bag.

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