Making Mornings Simpler


With school back in session now for a few weeks, I've really started to get back into my crazy schedule. I've been going to bed a little later, resulting in some rough mornings. I love mornings I can sleep in. So a 5:45am wake up call these past few weeks has been a struggle. I've worked a few new aspects into my morning routine that have helped make mornings a bit simpler and I thought I would share--perhaps there's another slow-moving morning person out there.
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1.) Keep it Casual
Whether it's picking out a go-to outfit the night before or choosing to wear my hair in a style that I have worn a bit too many times, going with something I know will work and be easy to put together decreases time to get ready (allowing a few more zzz's). Plus, I will be comfortable and confident in a look I already know works.

2.) Don't Leave Work For the Morning
If this works for you, go for it. I have found that the only way I get my work done (and do it well) is to complete it all in the evening. I'm only half awake in the morning and knowing I have to complete an assignment is unlikely to motivate me to get moving. Despite how late it is, I know that with a cup of coffee I will do my best work at night. Leaving it to the morning increases the chances of it not being completed well and rushed work is definitely not my best work.

3.) Find The Perfect Alarm
Alarms differ for everyone. Whether it's a really soothing song you've always loved or just one off the Alarm app's free noise list, finding the perfect alarm that will really get you up is important. For me, I need a really obnoxious sound or siren otherwise I'll just sleep through it. It may not be the most peaceful way to wake up, but it sure helps me get moving.  And while the noise may not be pleasant, not starting my day behind schedule is definitely the right foot to start on.

4.) Set Multiple Alarms
Is there anything worse than sleeping through the alarm? It's necessary for me to set more than one alarm to ensure I do not oversleep and end up running late. Sometimes I'll change the alarm sound for the first one so I do not simply ignore it, knowing another is still scheduled. If I wake up at the first alarm, I can always turn the second one off. But by having one pre-set it ensures that I will not exhaust the snooze button and oversleep.

5.) Listen to Noise While You Get Ready
For me running an episode of Gossip Girl run on my IPad in my room while I get ready keeps me moving. I love waking up to my favorite show and it eliminates the silence in my room at the early hour. Since I have already seen each episode, I can better judge how much time I have left based on how far I am in the show. I don't watch, but it simply plays while I get ready. Another great way to eliminate the silence is a good playlist. I'm still searching for a great peaceful morning playlist, so if you have a favorite let me know!

Are you a morning person? How do you make your mornings a bit simpler? I'm all ears and always looking for tips!


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