Valentine's Day Decor


Happy February! You may have picked up on my Instagram stories over the past few weeks that I love the Valentine's Day season and any excuse to pull out all my pink. 

I came back to NYC on Sunday after a wonderful (and long!) trip home. After unpacking and putting away my Christmas decor, I was eager to pull out my Valentine's Day pieces. It's tricky decorating in a small space, so banners, wreaths and dish towels have been a few of my favorite ways to add a little holiday joy to my spaces.

Since it’s the first week of the month and only two weeks until Valentine's, I've rounded up a few of my favorite decorative pieces that are subtle but still fun. These pieces are affordable, could be used after Valentine's Day and are easy to incorporate into your space whether you're decorating a dorm, tiny NYC apartment or home. Most are multi-functional too, which is my favorite type of decor for small spaces!

Hope you find a decorative piece or two that you love! Have a lovely month!

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