36 Graduation Dresses for 2022


A little while ago, I was catching up with my friend Elise, who is a current senior at Alabama. We were talking about it already being spring semester. I'm so excited for her and all the seniors this year! Time has flown since graduation, but I remember this time last year so well: having fun with friends, navigating plans for after college and soaking up the final semester of classes. Such a fun and memorable time!

We also chatted about graduation itself and finding a dress. I purchased my graduation dress during the Lilly Pulitzer sale in January last year, but remember many of my friends looking for their dresses around this time. It can be tricky to find a dress months ahead of the big day, but I highly recommend trying to find one now. Time flies, and there are actually so many pretty ones available right now. You’ll also want to keep in mind when you are taking graduation pictures. I know some seniors begin taking their grad pictures as early as mid-March. I also recommend ordering a few styles and trying them on to be sure you are happy with how they fit and photograph. Having options never hurts!

I've rounded up a few pretty dresses that would be perfect for graduation below. Whether you're looking for white to go with different colored cords and stolls or a fun pop in your school color, you really can't go wrong. Though it might sound cheesy, the most important thing is you feel pretty and confident — it will shine through in all the photos you take to remember this important and exciting day!

Though I usually try to share more affordable finds, I'm all for investing in worthwhile pieces for moments that matter. For me, graduation is one of those moments. Rest assured there are plenty of dresses in this roundup that are budget-friendly, but I did select dresses from a wider range of prices than I typically do since it's more of a special occasion.

Congratulations to this year's graduates! Hoping you find the roundup helpful and maybe even find your dress for the big day!


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