Three Ways I'm Organizing in the New Year


Who else has been in a cleaning and organizing mindset in the new year?! While the month of January is usually pretty gray and cold, I love that it provides an excuse to stay indoors, organize and reset. 

Since moving to New York and working with limited space, organization has become even more crucial in my life than it has in the past. I enjoy looking for new ways to simplify and use spaces strategically. I wanted to share a few ways to organize in case you're looking for a few new solutions this year too!


I picked up these drawer organization sets at Target, and they have been a game-changer for my bathroom drawers. With products for my skincare routine, contacts, hair and all the other miscellaneous pieces that live in the bathroom, my drawers felt cluttered and it was difficult to find what I needed.

Enter these plastic drawer organizers. They come in different sizes: long and skinny, medium rectangles and squares. The plastic material is flexible which helps them fit in a space together. Each set comes in a pack of 2-4 depending on the size, and the price makes it easy to stock up on multiple sets and still stay affordable. Did I mention each pack is $2?!

Adding these cleaned up my drawers so nicely by making it easy to see where items were, and I was able to get rid of so much unnecessary clutter that I hadn't realized was still in my drawers. I'll be adding these to my desk drawer next and am excited for the difference they will make there, too!


I've been very vocal about how frequently I use my Barrington St. Anne tote. It comes with me everywhere: groceries, errands, work, travel — you name it. Because this bag is so multi-purpose for me, I usually end up dumping its contents before taking it to its next destination. 

A few months ago, I saw this bag insert on Angela of The Thrifty Pineapple's IG Story and immediately swiped up to ask where it was from. Angela also has a St. Anne tote, and I was drawn to the extra organization the insert provided in her bag. I added it to my Christmas list then and there.

After a few weeks of use, I can confidently say that the insert will be a huge help when I return to the city soon. It fits perfectly inside the St. Anne and would likely fit well in any larger sized, flat-bottom tote. By my count, there are 15 (!!!) sections ranging in size. My notepad fits easily, there's a zipped middle section, and plenty of room for items big and small. I'll likely use the insert for items I consistently bring to the office so I can slip it out when I take my bag to the grocery store or elsewhere afterward. I know it will be great when traveling too so I can easily find and pull items out rather than digging around (can you tell I'm an over-packer?).


Speaking of over-packing, one of my favorite purchases of 2021 was a set of packing cubes from Amazon. I traveled quite a bit last year, and packing cubes allowed me to fit so much more in my suitcase than I anticipated.

I ordered this eight piece variety set from Amazon. There are different sizes, and I don't use all of the cubes every time. I consistently use the two largest cubes for clothes, the drawstring bag for underwear and covered cube for shoes. The small zipped pouch is great for throwing in my tote to hold masks mints, hair ties, etc.

If I'm going on a weekend trip, I usually use the large cube for clothes and bring the medium one to place my dirty clothes in after wearing. This helps lighten the load of laundry when I return home as I only need to wash the clothes I wore!

If you like to bring plenty of options for yourself on trips (how I like to rationalize my over-packing), I can't recommend these enough.

Hope you found these organization ideas helpful to start the new year! Here's to a decluttered and organized 2022!

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