Colorful Sweaters for Spring


We've had some sunny days here in NYC this week, and it has me itching for spring! After spending spring in the South the past four years, I've been ready for warmer weather since February began. I am eager to pull out my dresses and spring clothes ASAP!

That's not quite realistic with the temperatures still around 40 and 50 degrees at the high, but I've been opting toward picking my most colorful and warm pieces to wear each day. A bright color makes it feel like spring is on the way, but a sweater still provides warmth and comfort when the chill kicks in. After looking at my closet at the beginning of January, I realized that so many of my sweaters were white, black, gray or other more basic, fall colors. I've been on the hunt for brighter colors to incorporate as we transition to spring. 

While I hope the temperatures continue to warm up, I have a feeling I'll be in sweaters for at least a few more weeks, if not a month or so. If you're in the same boat with a colder climate and looking to incorporate a little more color into your closet, I've rounded up a few pretty sweaters that caught my eye recently! So many would go great with leggings or jeans, making them ideal for WFH or to dress up on the weekends.

Are you in the mood for spring too? What color is your go-to for sweaters?

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