Three Easy Valentine's Day Cookies to Make in Your College Apartment


Valentine’s and sweet treats just go together. With a limited time and limited resources in a college apartment (i.e. no mixer), I love holiday design ready-to-bake cookies. They provide not only a sweet treat, but a festive one. While I make an occasional batch to share with my roommates, this time I decided to make them a little more festive. Here are the three store bought cookies I added a little extra to.


Before baking the first batch, I rolled the side of the cookie dough in a little water I had poured on a plate, getting the outside edge of the cookie a little damp. Then, I rolled the cookie dough in colored sugar. I baked the cookie dough according to the package directions. When they were down, the cookies had an extra festive colored border.

For cookie #2, I baked a package of heart shaped cookies according to the directions and then let them cool. Once cool, I frosted some of the cookies and added colored sugars. 


Some of the cookie dough was colored pink. For these hearts, I frosted only half the cookie and added colored sugars or heart sprinkles. 


For the third batch of cookies, I used plain sugar cookie break and bake dough. I broke off the individual pieces of dough and rolled them slightly to make sure they had a nice round shape. I baked according to the packaged directions. Once they were out of the oven, I pressed the handle end of my spatula in the center twice to make a V shape before the cookies cooled and hardened. After the cookies cooled completely, I put a small dollop of strawberry jam in the heart indent. I then put the cookies in the refrigerator for awhile to help the jam stay solidified. 

Another variation of the cookie with indented heart I made was a sandwich cookie. I frosted the back of one cookie and then tucked another cookie behind it to make it a sandwich cookie. For an extra touch, I rolled the edges in colored sugar. Then I added a little frosting to the heart indent and of course more colored sugar.

With the same dough, I rolled a few pieces in colored sugar before baking. This easy step made for brightly colored fun cookies.


I love how they all turned out and with just little extra effort. These would make fun treats for friends or roommates, or even to just enjoy yourself! They are so yummy and are an easy way to enjoy the upcoming holiday.


Do you have any fun treats you like for Valentine's?

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