St. Patrick's Day Décor Under $20


Happy (almost) March! As you can likely tell from this week’s Monday Mix, I’m already excited for St. Patrick’s Day. I love that spring has a holiday almost every month because there’s always something to look forward to. Maybe it’s the Irish girl in me, but St. Patrick’s Day is one I definitely love. 


While I don’t decorate nearly as much for St. Patrick’s Day as I do for Christmas or Valentine’s Day, I do enjoy adding a few touches of green and luck to my room. It makes the holiday a little more festive and fun to add a pop of color. I’ve gotten good use out of my decorations that I bought sophomore year, and though I was sad to put away my pretty pink Valentine’s Day décor, my St. Patrick’s ones are just as enjoyable.  


Today I’ve rounded up some cute, affordable St. Patrick’s Day decorations if you’re looking to include some extra green to your living space this year. Whether you’re looking to add some décor to your door, window or desk area, I hope you find something that catches your eye and that you’re able to use for years to come.


Do you decorate for St. Patrick’s Day? I’d love to hear what cute decorations you have already!

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