Galentine's Day Ideas for Virtual and In-Person Get Togethers


Happy Valentine’s Day Eve! Whether you’re spending tomorrow with someone special or your girlfriends, I think its such a fun day to share some extra love with those around you. While I don’t have any plans as of right now, I’m looking forward to turning on a rom com or two and pulling out all my pink. 

If you’re looking for some inspo, I am sharing a few ideas for ways to celebrate the day with your friends either virtually or in-person. I hope this helps!



Though I know everyone is a little Zoomed-out these days, there are still a plethora of ways to make a virtual get together fun. Before the party, considering putting together a party bag full of treats. This could include a small bottle of bubbly, a sweet treat and anything needed for the party itself like a game card or supplies for an activity. You can make it fancy with some colorful shredded paper (hello, pink and red) or heart confetti. 


During the party, you could take a virtual Zoom class like making limoncello, building a charcuterie board, a makeup tutorial or learning how to arrange the perfect flower bouquet.


Another idea is doing an activity together without a class or video tutorial. You could paint or decorate cookies, arrange flowers or paint a champagne bottle. These are fun ways to get to chat and catch up with friends like you would in person, but a fun way to make it special for Valentine’s Day.


A no-hassle idea is to use the Netflix or Disney+ Watch Party feature. Whether you’re watching the new “To All the Boys” movie or a fun throwback like HSM, this is an easy way to watch a movie together without physically being with one another. There are so many great rom coms, chick flicks and movies with a female empowerment message that would all be great choices for Valentine’s Day.


There are plenty of fun games you could play, too. You could create your own trivia game or Bingo for rom coms or celebrity crushes. We played Bingo after our sorority chapter meeting this week and it was a huge hit! The host could also use screen-sharing to share clips from a rom com movie scene and let everyone guess what movie it is.



Grab your roommates or local BFFs and have a fun get together if you feel comfortable doing so! Grab a few yummy treats and make a delicious brunch (bonus points if you have the heart-shaped waffle maker). You could also make heart-shaped pancakes too. Add in some bagels, muffins, fruit, cream cheese and jams to make a breakfast charcuterie board and you’ve got a great set up.


If you’re getting together later in the day, you could make heart-shaped pizzas (yum!) and build a dessert charcuterie board. Throw on a cute movie, and you’ve got the perfect laid back Valentine’s Day.


If you’re looking for something more eventful, you could use most of the games for the virtual party in-person, too. Create bingo cards beforehand, trivia questions or showing different clips from movies. All would be just as fun in person. You could also create a caucus and see which celebrity crush gets the most votes on who is the cutest. Add in some yummy Valentine’s candy for the prizes.


I hope this spurred some ideas for what you could do with your friends tomorrow.  I wish you a fun and happy Valentine’s Day!

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