Tips for Taking Online Classes


Happy Friday! It’s hard to believe that I’ve just wrapped up my fourth week of school. This semester is definitely an interesting one with a mix of in-person and hybrid classes, but I’m thankful to be on campus for my senior year.

After a few weeks of some online classes, I feel like I’ve gotten into the groove of operating from my bedroom. Though not ideal, I appreciate being in the comfort of my cozy apartment and not having to spend more time walking to class than in class, haha. I’ve picked up a few new habits while learning at home and thought I would share in case you’re looking for some tips.


Wear blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are high on the list of my best purchases from Amazon. On days I forget to wear them, my eyes feel so tired and dry from staring at a screen for majority of the day. I can feel a noticeable difference after wearing the glasses and think they are well worth the small price tag. You can grab them on Amazon for under $20!


Take handwritten notes

I used to always take notes on my computer during in-person classes because it was quicker and easier to organize. Zoom makes it a little more challenging to do so, especially when professors share their screen and I have to flip back and forth. I’ve found that taking handwritten notes for my online classes helps me pay more attention to the lecture and not miss any important information. I usually type my notes after class, but not having to switch back and forth between screens during lectures is really helpful for me.


Turn your computer on Do Not Disturb

There is nothing more tempting than to see a text arrive and then wanting to reply right away. I’ve found that turning my computer on Do Not Disturb and removing the Messages app from the Dock helps eliminate distraction and the urge to respond right away. It can almost always wait!


Use a digital calendar

Confused where the Zoom link is? We’ve all been there. I used to use a physical planner religiously, but with countless Zoom links being used every week, I’ve leaned more heavily on my Google Calendar. When a professor emails a reoccurring Zoom link for class, I add the link to my calendar so I don’t have to dig in my inbox for it every week. This saves time and helps me make sure that I don’t lose the links. If I have a hybrid class that is not consistently on Zoom or in-person, I can also indicate this which helps me know where I need to be and when.


What are your tips for online classes? I’m always learning and would love to hear your tips and tricks too!

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