Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale 2020


You may already know (and shopped), but the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is on! Today is the final day to shop. The After Party Sale is the best time to buy Lilly. The sale is large and has pieces from this spring and summer on huge markdown. I definitely wouldn’t miss it — especially if you’ve been eyeing an item this summer or have an occasion coming up next spring! 


So many cute pieces are in the sale this year, but I’ve picked a few of my favorites below. I already have a few of the styles in different prints, and I love how a different print can give an outfit an entirely different feel! I have a nice collection of Lilly that I wear year after year and love how timeless the pieces are. Most of my collection has been accumulated through years of shopping the APS too!


My biggest tip: order items individually. If you know you will order an item, go ahead and pay for it immediately rather than continuing to browse the sale. Just because an item is in your cart does not mean that it’s saved. You don’t want to miss your favorite just because someone got to it before you finished browsing the full collection.


Happy shopping! I’d love to hear what you selected


flounce dress | romper | tennis skirt | button dress | top

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