10 Things to Do at Home this Labor Day Weekend


Happy Saturday and Labor Day Weekend, friends! I think this long weekend is coming at such a great time, and I’m looking forward to having an extra day this weekend to get stuff done and relax.  

While it can be easy to have FOMO if you’re spending the weekend at home, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy your weekend and feel like you’re stepping into the short week on a great foot. Here are 10 things I’ll be doing at home this weekend if you’re looking for some inspo!


Do a face mask 

Anyone else dealing with some maskne? After wearing my mask every day for the past three weeks, my skin could use some R&R! I love these Neutrogena masks for cleansing and hydrating my face. I put one on while watching TV or reading and my skin always soaks up every last drop.


Clean your room, closet and bathroom

It feels like the days have flown by recently, and I have not been the best at keeping all my spaces clean. I’ll be taking some time this weekend to make sure all my shoes are put away, throw out any empty containers and pick up a bit around my room. I know I will feel so much better afterwards and isn’t that the best feeling?!


Catch up on laundry

While I’m picking up my room, I will be throwing in a few loads of laundry! A long weekend is perfect for doing things like sheets and towels among everything else. With clean spaces and laundry, the short week is bound to start off on a good note.


Sleep in

No early wake up calls for three days — hooray! I can tell you now I will be enjoying sleeping in this weekend and catching up on sleep.


Get ahead on some schoolwork — you’ll thank yourself later!

It’s so easy to leave all schoolwork to do on Monday, but I am going to make an active effort to work on homework throughout the weekend instead of leaving it to the last minute. I find it’s much easier to get homework done in smaller chunks of time rather than all at once, and I’m hoping this will allow me to get ahead on schoolwork too. Fingers crossed!


Try a new recipe

I am on a cycle of quesadillas, pasta and pizza, haha. If you’re looking for something to do, maybe try out a new recipe to add to your mix! I see so many yummy ones on TikTok, and my favorite foodstagram @sishoodofthetravelingfork has new recipe ideas on IGTV every week.


Create a fall playlist

While the 90 degree heat certainly makes it still feel like summertime, fall may be right around the corner! I love a good fall playlist and think I may work on putting one together this weekend to play on my walks to class or at home.


Dive into a new book

I did not read much this summer, but I really enjoy reading and am trying to get back into it. I just ordered a few books through my Book of the Month membership and keep checking the tracking number to see when my order will get here. A three-day weekend is the perfect time to slow down with a good book.


Update your LinkedIn

It’s been a little while since I updated my LinkedIn, and taking a few minutes to do so this weekend is a great way to feel productive professionally. Similar to homework, I find working on professional development in smaller chunks of time is much easier than tackling everything all at once. A few minutes this weekend will save time down the road!


Have a safe Kentucky Derby party

Did you know the Kentucky Derby was rescheduled for today? My roommates and I are having a small and safe gathering to watch the fun! Social events don’t look normal this semester, so I love finding creative ways to have some fun with friends.


How are you spending your weekend? I hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend! 

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