Five Tips for New Bloggers


It is still somewhat surreal that I have been blogging for a year. Looking back while writing this post, I realized how much I have learned from blogging. I have received emails from girls wanting to start a blog about blogging in general and maintaining a blog, so I thought I would share five tips I have for new bloggers based off my experience thus far!

1.) It's time consuming. I knew that starting a blog was not going to be easy nor something that was a walk in the park. But, I was unable to post at times during this past year due to a few factors. It takes time to write, edit, get quality pictures, and maintain social media accounts for the blog. While I knew that it was a time commitment, it's important to know just what kind of project you're getting into. Throughout the past year I have definitely learned that blogging is a time commitment and that time management is key to managing blogging and other aspects of my life.

2.) Consistency is key. While I don't post consistently on my blog, I do post every day on Instagram and do my best to maintain other social media sites daily. It's incredibly important to maintain a positive relationship and consistently engage your audience! I have found that being active on one platform is better than being completely silent, and that creativity is important for creating quality content.

3.) Write about what you know. Whether it be about where your from or your unique interest, write about it! It will make you stand out and it's easy to write something your passionate about. If your interests are put forth in your writing, your readers will hopefully reciprocate a positive response! Let's Get Preppy encompasses my personal style and lifestyle habits that are true to me, and being from Chicago allows me access to some pretty unique photo spots that are perfect for pictures. I have found that being myself, a Chicago blogger and Disney enthusiast with a love for anything pink, gives me a unique angle that differentiates me from your average preppy blogger.

4.) Be patient! I feel that there's a stereotype associated with blogging that everything happens overnight. This is far from the truth for most bloggers. It takes a while to develop your voice, format your blog, and gain readers and followers. It's important to keep this in mind, but you should blog for yourself. Everything else is the icing on the cake! The longer you are at it, the more you will learn. You will note what types of pictures on Instagram get the most likes, what picks up followers, what loses followers. It's a whole learning process, and it's definitely interesting and fun to experience it!
5.) Reach out to others. Liking, commenting, following, and engaging with readers, bloggers, and companies is always a good idea. This is still something I work on, but keeping a positive atmosphere on social media sites never hurts! I love that blogging community has such a positive atmosphere. For the most part everyone encourages each other, which creates a much more creative environment.

Do you have any tips for new bloggers?



  1. thanks for this! I just started blogging ( and I really needed this!!

  2. Great post! I totally agree with everything said! :)