Disney Park Necessities


Today, I am missing the most magical place on Earth.  In August, I visited Walt Disney World for the seventeenth time. It is my favorite vacation and I am already looking forward to next year’s trip!

Disney trips are the best, and planning ahead is a must. The past few years I narrowed down exactly what I need to carry for a fun day in the parks. Step one, you need your MagicBand. It’s your key to the world. All your trip information like park tickets, fast passes, are linked to the band. So, it’s a necessity for the park! Prior to your arrival, you can select your color.  For a Lilly girl like me, of course, I chose a pink band. In the parks, they sell different attachments and accessories to personalize your MagicBand. I chose to personalize mine before I arrived with this adorable Disney monogram.

Next, there are a few essentials to carry in your bag. For the past few years, I have used my small Vera Bradley backpack. (Don’t have one?  They sell fun Disney patterned Vera Bradley backpacks in one of the shops on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom). This small backpack has worked well because of its size and accessibility. What goes inside my park bag are all items I always find I need during the day. Keeping the bag light is necessary so extra weight is a no. Here are the contents of my park bag!
Rain Poncho Disney sells these at the park in just about every merchandise store. Because it's Florida, you never know when it's going to pour. It's always a good idea to throw one in, just in case!

Camera This goes without much explanation because it's Disney and everywhere you look there's a photo op!

Water & a Snack Sometimes wait times can be long.  Nothing helps pass the time like nibbling on a small snack. I always have a snack size bag of goldfish or another tasty treat in my bag.  Additionally, it's Florida, it’s hot. So, I am sure to keep a bottle of water handy. It’s important to stay hydrated. There’s lots to do and you want to keep your energy up.

Portable Phone Charger Between taking a million pictures and checking the Disney app for wait times, a phone is likely to die quickly. Having a charger on hand never hurts in case you run out of juice!
Preppy Park Ears I wore my ears every day while I was down at Disney! Definitely a necessity for any Lilly and Disney enthusiast.
What are your Disney Park necessities?

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