New School Year, New Agenda


The first item on my school supply list that I purchased this summer was my Lilly agenda. I am one of those people who rely on their agenda for just about everything so agendas are always a must for me when it comes to starting a new school year.

There are so many options when I comes to purchasing agendas and finding one you like can be difficult! However once I find one that works for me, I tend to be a creature of habit and never feel the need to venture out of what I like. This will be my third year using a Lilly Pulitzer agenda and I have already been busy adding my new assignments and upcoming dates.

If you haven't purchased an agenda yet, there is still time to get one! All of Lilly's prints this year are perfect and you really can't go wrong. This year, I got the All Nighter print in the large size and personalized it with a monogram sticker.


Do you have an agenda? Which one did you select?


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