College Dorm and Apartment Storage Solutions


I've so enjoyed seeing people move in to their college dorms and apartments this past week! It's always impressive to me to see how people decorate their space and make it homey. 

Earlier this summer I shared my college dorm and apartment favorites from The Container Store, many of which I used all four years and still to this day. The Container Store college sale ends this Sunday, August 15, so definitely head over to that post for details if you're still shopping. 

If you've yet to move in or are looking for some additional storage solutions for your current space, I've rounded up a few of my other favorite storage solutions. It can be challenging to anticipate all the different items you may need before you move, and these items are great to add into your space at any time. 

Last year I picked up this hanging shoe rack for the back of my closet door and I highly recommend it. It has so much space and makes it really easy to see all your shoes at the same time. It's also easy to take apart and move at the end of year, and I anticipate I'll use this in my next apartment, too. 

I recently picked up these pink containers to organize my bathroom drawers and cabinets at home and wish I had them in college. They come in white and black as well, so they can easily fit a variety of styles. The plastic is flexible making it easy to squeeze them into smaller areas, and I think they'd work well in any drawer where you need some extra organization. So affordable, too!

Looking for an organization solution that will be seen in your room? These woven baskets are a great storage solution and aren't an eye sore. Woven baskets are timeless and versatile, so you could likely use these in future spaces or with different styles. I like that these have a convenient handle as well.

It's no secret I love headbands, so this summer I picked up two of these acrylic headband holders. They hold headbands nicely without stretching them out and make it easy to grab the one you'd like to wear. The center compartment is also a storage space, so you could stick additional clips or hair accessories in there so they're out of sight.

These next pieces are somewhat combined. I cannot recommend these cubby shelves enough. I used them in my freshman and senior year rooms to hold anything from clothes to snacks. The 3x3 is great for clothes and sits at hip-level, while the 3x2 is taller and great for putting a TV on if your bed is elevated. For some extra height, I added the 2-tier stackable shelf. My freshman year bed was lofted, so adding this on top of the 3x2 helped raise my TV to eye-level.

If you have a cubby shelving unit, fabric cubes are great for placing inside. I used these cubes in various ways all four years. Be it snacks or socks, they can conveniently hold a fair amount of items. 

Woven plastic baskets are a great and inexpensive storage solution. I used these frequently in my desk drawers to fit papers, notebooks and other various larger items. 

You likely already have a shower caddy if you'll use communal showers this year, but I wanted to share this cute purple one if you're still on the hunt. When I lived in my sorority house, we would leave our caddies on a shelf in the bathroom, and frequently those that came from Target, Walmart and similar stores all were mixed up. I think having a bright purple one like this would be fun plus always easy to identify!

What are some of your favorite storage solutions for a small space? I always love to hear!

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