Sorority Recruitment Outfit Ideas


Sorority recruitment is right around the corner! It's such an exciting time and I am thrilled that the process will look much more normal this year. I remember this time four years ago I was eagerly finishing up the final touches for my outfits (and even planning backups just in case).

Shopping for recruitment can be tough, but ultimately the most important factor to consider when planning is to ask if the outfits feel like you. Dressing true to yourself is so important for your comfort and confidence during what can be a stressful week.

I shared what I wore for sorority recruitment in this post (feels like forever ago!), but I've rounded up a few dresses and shorts that I would wear if I was going through the process this year. Many of the pieces I selected are from Southern boutiques which definitely influenced my style while I went to Alabama. I love that their current pieces are bright, pretty colors and comfortable styles for the tough heat.

top: left | right
middle left | right 
bottom: left | right

As you can see, this first round is just shorts and skorts. At Alabama, potential new members ar given T-shirts to wear during this round as its a little more casual. I love all the styles above and think they would look cute with a T-shirt tucked in. I highly recommend either shorts or a skort and not a skirt — it's likely you may sit on a pillow on the floor at some houses and you will feel much more comfortable standing up with a little extra coverage.

top: left | center | right 
middle: left | center | right
bottom: left | center | right

For sisterhood round, I think any of the above dresses with some comfortable espadrille wedges or flatforms would be super cute. While you want to look more dressed up, comfort is still key in the heat. These dresses are loose-fitting but would still look perfect for the round with wedges and some pretty accessories.

top: left | center | right 
middle: left | center | right
bottom: left | center | right

The dressiest round is preference, so I recommend pairing any of these dresses with a block heel. Because this round is the longest, you will likely spend more time sitting in this dress. I like that most of the dresses in this round up wouldn't get overly wrinkly when seated and could be worn for events after recruitment, too.

Whether you're looking for some inspiration for your final purchases as a potential new member or as an active member scrambling to find a dress for recruiting in-house, I hope that you find a piece or two that you love! Don't overthink your outfits — remember the house is choosing you for YOU! Wishing you the best of luck😊

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