My Dorm Room + College Apartment Favorites from The Container Store


It's hard to believe that back to school is right around the corner! While I graduated in May and won't return to campus this year, I'm excited to share my dorm favorites that I used over the past four years. Stay tuned for more dorm related posts to come!

I am kicking off dorm content with my Container Store favorites. Majority of the items I have from the Container Store I used all four years, and those that I picked up along the way are still pieces I use post-grad. I highly recommend each of these items for a dorm or apartment space and share more on why below!

Beginning today, The Container Store is running its annual college sale with 15% off your order. To get your code, text CLASS to 22922.

Now onto my favorites! If you've followed me for awhile, you've likely seen some of these items in my Instragrams or previous blog posts. I really got my money's worth with each item and many are coming with me to my next apartment (space permitting 😉). Here's a little more on how I used each item and why I recommend:

  1. This desk hutch was a hand-me-down from my sorority great grand big (thanks, Audrey!), and I'm so thankful she gave it to me. It was the perfect size for my smaller desk while living in the house as it is only 28" wide. The bookshelf style makes it a great display for decorations and jewelry, and it folds flat for transporting. The lowest shelf on mine is removed which made it more of a hutch and gave me more desktop space. 
  2. This three tier rolling cart has had many uses in each of my rooms, which is what makes it so great. It fit under my elevated dorm bed freshman year, served as my hair/makeup storage station sophomore and senior year, and held various items like cups and vases in my junior year room. It's easy to maneuver in a small space, roll out from under a bed and blends in if sitting out. I always found a way to use it in each space and love that its not too wide and can fit in smaller locations.
  3. The acrylic monitor stand was an item I purchased last summer before our hybrid semester. I really liked that I could set my laptop on it while in Zoom meetings or classes so my camera was more elevated, and doing so gave me more desktop space for writing notes. I liked to keep my agenda and notebook underneath and could use the desktop space nearest me for any other papers. I continue to use it this way since I currently work from home!
  4. Who else has too many colorful pens to count?! I love this white pencil cup for storing all my pens. I love color coordination and keeping my pens organized in this cup was really helpful for me. I also added a monogram sticker to the front to make it more personal.
  5. My bedside table is great for small spaces, but with a larger lamp, flowers, a cup for water, and any other items I may have out, it got a little crowded. I got this remote organizer my freshman year and use it to this day. It stores my TV remote, Firestick remote, Apple Watch and phone when I'm in bed and helps me always keep track of my remotes. If you have little space next to your bed or are just a fan of everything having a home, you'd love this.
  6. Because space is limited, learning how to be decorative with my accessories was one of the ways I saved space in my freshman dorm. I used this jewelry tree and this bracelet/earring holder all four years on my desk hutch or book shelf. The gold is a pretty way to display your jewelry and make it easy to find too!
  7. If you give a girl a white acrylic pencil cup, she's going to want a matching tape dispenser and stapler too. I loved to print out my notes for class, so a stapler was one item I was glad I had on hand. Tape is one item that I think is easy to forget for a dorm desk space, but it comes in handy more frequently than you would think. This was a great purchase for freshman year because I could replace the staples and tape as I went through college. Both items sit on my desk now, too!
  8. As I went through college, my earring collection grew. I was looking for an item that would pair well with my existing jewelry storage but could hold more. I added these clear acrylic trays to my room junior year and love them. I have three, and they are stackable and make it easy to find the pair I'm looking for. There are different size compartments too, making it great for housing a small pair of studs or your largest statement earrings.
  9. Communal or shared bathrooms do not always make it easy to do your hair or makeup at your convenience. I created hair/makeup stations in each of my rooms, and this hot tool holder was key for not burning down any buildings or getting my various cords tangled all the time. I kept my hair dryer, straightener and brush in the three compartments, and there is a spot for cords on the back. You can also hang it if you have a rod which is helpful. Pro tip: my holy grail Revlon hair dryer fits in it, but I put the handle in the compartment with the brush facing up.
  10. To round out the desk collection, this white acrylic paper tray set is great for keeping spaces clean and organized. I stuck white printer paper in the largest section, sticky notes, paper clips, tape dispenser, and stapler in the middle tier, and my pencil cup in the smallest. The three levels make it easy to store everything without taking up too much desk space. This also fits nicely on the bookshelf I mentioned above so you can really optimize space!

These pieces from The Container Store were all items I loved using year after year, and I hope this helped to hear how I used each in my different spaces. Enjoy shopping the sale and let me know which pieces from The Container Store are your favorite!

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