My College Apartment Christmas Decorations


I’ve shared bits and pieces of my Christmas décor in my room on Instagram throughout the past few weeks, but I wanted to dedicate a blog post to document all the fun additions! I wasted no time pulling out my decorations for the holiday season (hello, Nov. 1) and will bring all my decorations home with me when I go back to Chicago for Thanksgiving this weekend. Talk about how time flies!


My college apartment Christmas décor has accumulated over the past four years, and I have to say I love the collection I’ve curated. These colorful pieces add some festivity during the season and make the room more fun without feeling more crowded. You’ll notice there are multiple trees, a couple door banners and a little llama addition to match the room’s vibe. 


It’s been fun to see these decorations in each of my spaces over the past four years (and see the collection grow, ha!). If you’re looking to begin your own collection for your college space, I recommend starting small and being selective. It can be easy to peruse the dollar section at Target and want it all, but finding pieces that you love and really fit your space will make it more exciting to pull out each year and create a purposeful collection that fits together.


While unfortunately some of these items are no longer available, I’ve found some similar pieces if you are looking to add to your décor. I was happy to find similar pom pom trees and banners! Hopefully these decorations provide some inspiration for your own colorful Christmas decorating. Have fun! 

Remember my pom pom pumpkins? They were inspired by these trees! 

I got this Lilly inspired stocking freshman year and hung it by my TV. I added a string of lights to my TV stand too. 

I have a thing for llamas! I love this this festive addition to my desk hutch. 

Added a big red bow to my closet door knob because why not?!

The llama trend continues with this fun banner on my bedroom door. 

The banner on my bathroom door goes well with the llama banner. I picked this up in the clearance section in January! I love the pretty colors.

This is what I call my Charlie Brown tree, ha! It has a unique shape but was perfect for filling some extra space in my bathroom.

My white tree is another item that's been with me since freshman year. It sits on my desk and adds a pretty glow at night.


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