Festive Holiday Pajamas


Happy Saturday! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. I am excited to share my second Christmas post, and it’s one I think you’ll love. Today I’m rounding up some holiday PJ sets. It feels as though this year has truly been a great one for PJs — between giving us a reason to spend some extra time in them and the availability of so many cute pairs, what’s not to love?


I’m a big fan of PJ sets. It may sound silly, but I love putting on something that is cute and comfy at the end of a long day. I have a good collection of sets that transition nicely from season to season, but I have to admit that my Christmas sets are some of my favorites. I enjoy pulling out my Christmas plaids each year and it feels special to have PJs designated for the holiday season.


I love that so many brands have come out with special holiday PJs this season. Whether it’s a fun print or a classic plaid, holiday PJ sets are perfect for cold evenings cuddled up watching Christmas movies with a hot chocolate. I included some selections from small businesses too. Those are some of the cutest pairs if I do say so myself!


Whether you’re looking to add to your own collection or maybe gift a pair to your mom, sister or friend, I hope you find a pair or two you like in this round up!

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