My Move In Day Essentials


Move in season is here! I find move in day to be so exciting — decorating a new space, meeting or seeing your roommate and getting ready for the year ahead. Though it is exciting, it can be a long and exhausting day. I shared my tips for a smooth move in day here.

There are a few items that can help ease the process of move in day. Some may be obvious, but also may be easy to forget. Throughout my move in days the past few years I found these items made a small but helpful impact that helped keep the day moving.

Clorox Wipes
The first thing my mom and I did moving in both times was wipe the place down. The room has been sitting empty all summer — or potentially worse: full of campers. Who knows what kind of dust has collected in there? I highly recommend wiping everything down first to start fresh before moving in your own items.

Swifer Pads
Once you’ve cleaned everything, you may want to dust too. Swifer pads serve great as dusters and you can get so much use out of just one. These are great to have on hand during the year too.

Command Strips
It’s easy not to think of all the uses you may need a Command Strip for. Whether there are pictures or mirrors you want to hang, hooks for keys or towels, or any other items you may want to hang, I recommend having them on hand prior to moving in. I recommend using these generously to make sure it’s not going to fall off.

In order to open any new items or packages, your hands will thank you at the end of the day if you use scissors. They will definitely speed up the process of opening various packages and are an easy to pack.

Trash Bags
There will be wrappers, Clorox wipes, you name it. All this trash will need a place to go! Having large trash bags is important for easily getting rid of stuff quickly. Even though it feels like you’re moving in items that you’re keeping, there will inevitably be a significant amount of trash. 

This one is optional, but move in day is long! I definitely recommend picking up some caffeine to help keep you moving all day. A trip for coffee is always a good break in the day too.

What are your move in day essentials?

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