Tips on How to Keep Organized Throughout the Semester


Does anyone else feel like spring is completely rushed and busy? I always feel that the last few months of school are a complete blur and my weekends are always packed with different end-of-the-year activities.

As a student who likes to start studying early for finals, a busy spring makes it somewhat harder as I struggle to find a plentiful amount of time to study. This semester, I have tried extremely hard to develop some habits that will prepare me for the tests and assignments now, but also make it easy for me to study this material a second time for finals. As the third quarter wraps up, here are my tips and tricks for keeping organized and preparing for finals throughout the semester!

1,) Make study guides.  For me, it is incredibly helpful to round up all my notes and condense what I consider the vital information or the material struggle with into a study guide that is only a few pages in length. This way throughout the day or just before the test, I can look back at the study guide and review the key concepts without having to search through all of my notes for that unit. This semester I have made a study guide for every single test or quiz which has been incredibly helpful. I know I can also use these study guides to study for the final, which gives me more motivation to do them.

2,) Keep track of notes and homework assignments. After each unit I go through my folder for that class and pull out all my notes. I organize them by topic and staple them to the study guide. This way,  I stay organized and the unit materials do not get mixed up in my folders. By having this all organized, I won't have to spend time going through all my different notes and assignments when I could be studying.

3.) Create a list of commonly missed questions on tests. When I receive my tests or quizzes back in class, I look over the assessment and keep a mental note of questions I may have commonly missed or question topics that seemed prevalent on the test. When I get home, I write this down and bundle this with my study guide and notes. So, when it comes time to review the material for the final, I know what to spend a little extra time studying.

4.) Review as you go. If I finish all my homework for one weekend and I have some extra time, I pull out one of my unit bundles and go over the information from this unit. By just refreshing my memory every month or so, I am still retaining the information. Hopefully, I will not have to go back and reteach myself any material when it comes time to study for the exam.

This may seem a bit obsessive and unnecessary to some, but this is what I am finding works for me. Perhaps if you find your springtime to be busy and chaotic, then I hope these tips and tricks might come in handy for you!

How do you keep yourself organized throughout the semester? I love to hear what others do and incorporate what I think will work for me.


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