Springing into Spring


I absolutely love spring. Living in the Midwest means winters are filled with subzero temperatures and too much snow for my liking. Luckily, warmer temperatures have arrived early this year which was the perfect reason to break out my favorite Lilly Pulitzer cotton dresses. They are so comfy and are the perfect transition piece for spring. I love to pair them with a vest to add an extra layer. Plus, the bright colors really accent my sunny state of mind on this warm day! This week is supposed to be pretty warm in comparison to the past few weeks which means I will definitely be wearing variations of this outfit all week.

I took these pictures at a farmhouse nearby. The small farm field is currently being turned into a new subdivision, which means the house will be torn down soon. I couldn't miss the opportunity to capture how timeless the detailing on the house was and just how quite and quaint it is!


Lilly Pulitzer Dress // Lilly Pulitzer Vest // Kate Spade Bow Bangle (similar)  // Sperrys

What is your favorite outfit to wear when transitioning into spring?


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  1. This is such a cute look!!
    xo, Syd