Meeting Katelyn of Sprinkles of Kate!


One of my favorite things about the blogging world is the connections that I have made through it. It's been a surprise, but I absolutely love being part of it! One of these connections has been with Katelyn, a fellow Chicagoland blogger. We had planned on meeting one another at the Live Smart Chicago conference, but unfortunately it was cancelled. However, this didn't stop us from meeting up!

On Tuesday, we met downtown at the Sprinkles Cupcakes which is definitely one of my favorite spots for a sweet treat! After countless pictures (bloggers gonna blog), we enjoyed our delicious cupcakes and got to know one another. Katelyn is the sweetest and it was so fun to get to know each other further!

Sprinkles is right by the new Vineyard Vines Rush Street store so we headed there for a bit of shopping and a bit more picture taking. Since we were both in Vineyard Vines dresses, it was the perfect photo op! The staff was so kind to give us foam whale hats and let us come behind the counter. 

After a bit more shopping around the area, Katelyn and I headed to the prettiest two-story Starbucks to chat about all things blogging. It was so fun to be able to talk about blogging with another blogger and both being high schoolers in the Chicago area, we had so much common ground. It was such a wonderful afternoon!

The connections and friendships I have made through blogging are something that I never thought I would experience when I started almost a year ago. Having made friends across the country as well as meeting two Chicago bloggers, I am so thankful to have experienced such wonderful connections via blogging. I hope to meet up with Katelyn again soon for more cupcake and shopping adventures! 
Have you ever met a friend through blogging?


  1. Ahh I'm SO glad we were able to meet last week! Let's meet again ASAP! You're such a doll! Xoxo!

    Kate //

  2. Love y'all's dresses!! Super cute post!

    xoxo, Mal