My First Rocksbox


On a chilly gray afternoon, I was thrilled when I opened my mailbox to discover my first Rocksbox package.  When I opened dainty white box tied with a bow I found a personalized note describing the jewelry inside and how it was hand-selected just for me.  Well done, Eleanor -- it is as if you have known me for years!

Rocksbox is like having your own unlimited jewelry box.  It simple and fun, and a great way to keep your jewelry selection current and ever changing.  You simply subscribe to the service (, take a style survey, and make a wish list of jewelry pieces.  Three pieces are selected and mailed to you based on your preferences.  This lovely jewelry is on loan to you.  When you are ready to try something new, you simply return the three jewelry pieces and three new ones will be mailed to you.  You can always retake the style survey if your preferences change!  If there is a certain necklace, ring, stunning piece you just can’t bear to part with, you have the option to purchase that piece.  And, each month you receive a $10 credit toward a purchase.  Concerned about shipping fees?  Don’t be.  You receive free prepaid shipping each way.  And, by using the code "letsgetpreppyxoxo" you can get your first month completely free!

In my first box, I received the Sophie Harper Pave circle earrings, the Gorjana Taner cuff, and the Perry Street Becca necklace.  I love a statement necklace and this one works well with so many items in my closet!  I could wear them all the time.  The earrings and bracelet cuff have that delicate touch that I love in jewelry—a subtle detail that adds the little extra sparkle to any outfit.  Wearing them the other day, I received lots of compliments.  While it will be a little hard to part with these beauties, I am excited to see what will be next and let’s be honest it’s always fun to anticipate receiving something pretty in the mail.
Don’t forget to use the code “letsgetpreppyxoxo” for your first month free!

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