Trip to Vineyard Vines


I absolutely love Vineyard Vines.  A few stores I shop carry a small inventory of the whale-appointed clothes.  So an entire store filled with Vineyard Vines clothes sounds like a wonderland.  Until last fall when Shep and Ian opened a pop-up location, that experience wasn’t available in Chicago.  In the spring, a friend and I took the train downtown and went the Vineyard Vines store on Michigan Avenue!  We walked in the door…instance happiness.  So many different bright colors and preppy styles, not on my iPad screen or a catalog page, but right in front of me.

We went just a couple weeks before the Kentucky Derby and I loved seeing their adorable collection for the Derby.  There were so many cute items in the collection.  Dresses, shirts, scarves, just what you would need to be perfectly dressed for a Derby celebration!

I live in my vintage whale pocket tee and fell in love with all the different colors the store had available.  Decisions, decisions.  In the end, I selected a classic navy long-sleeved pocket tee with a pink whale on the back for my preppy cousin.  My friend and I both also purchased whale coozies.  They are just too cute.  The store gave us a special treat--the large foam whale hats that I see on Pinterest all the time.  I was so excited to get my own!

We happily wore our whaley fun new hats as we walked to Pizzeria Uno to eat some delicious classic Chicago deep dish pizza.  The looks we received were fantastic and so many people asked us where the store was located. We even had someone ask us if they could borrow a hat to take a picture.  Once at the restaurant, we, of course, used our coozies.

Sadly on May 26, Vineyard Vines closed their Chicago location.  But good things come to those who wait, a location is set to open in spring of 2015.  The new flagship store will be located at 940 N. Michigan Avenue and will be one of the largest Vineyard Vines retail locations.  It will be more than twice the size of the Vineyard Vines Chicago store.  I have a feeling this new store will be whaley amazing.  Can spring come any sooner?!

Have you ever been to a Vineyard Vines store?



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