My Plane & Car Ride Necessities


Vacation season is upon us! It feels as though everyone I know is traveling during the month of August to try to get a little more summer fun in before school starts. Whether you are driving or flying, there are a few items that are really great to have to help pass the time!

1. Book-When I have to sit for hours and can't get anything done, reading is a great thing to do! Time for summer reading is quickly coming to end so reading on my way to vacation is a perfect time. I just started Where'd You Go, Bernadette. Have you read it?

2. Agenda-Another productive yet low-key activity is working on your agenda. Now that it is August, it is a perfect time to put those dates on the calendar!

3. Coffee-Great for early morning or late night trips. A little caffeine can be much needed after hectic packing or for when I reach your destination!

4. Sweater/Sweatshirt-Planes are always cold. I seem to always need a sweater and if I don't end up needing it, it can easily serve as a pillow or blanket!

What are your travel necessities?


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