Four Fall Workwear Looks


Long time, no blog post! Life has been a little hectic the past few weeks as I moved to New York City and got settled in my new apartment. I finally feel like I'm finding a groove here and can't wait to pick back up with blog posts.

The main reason I moved to the city was to begin going into the office a few days each week. I've gone in twice already and feel so lucky to have the change of scenery and the opportunity to connect face to face with my coworkers. It's been so wonderful to meet everyone in person!

One fun part of returning to the office is having a reason to dress up. With the pandemic, my internship going into senior year was remote, and many of the events on campus last year were shifted online. That being said, my opportunities to wear business and professional clothing have been few and far between. While our office is business casual, I've enjoyed pulling out pieces I haven't worn in a while and finding ways to style them.

Though I have plenty of office attire, the return to working in a professional setting hasn't stopped me from looking for additional pieces I could add to my closet. Something I really consider when it comes to workwear is a piece's versatility. I try to select pieces I can wear more casually outside of the office and/or can be worn with different combinations in the future. This has helped me balance my spending between office attire and more casual pieces.


I rounded up a few looks right now that utilize similar pieces and could be worn in several outfit combinations. While the colors are darker than my usual colorful choices (is New York style wearing off on me already?!), I think each piece is perfect for the fall and timeless — you can certainly wear several of the pieces for years to come.


Whether you're looking for office inspo for professional campus events, returning to office or a dressier occasion this fall, I hope you enjoy these roundups!

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