Items for Organizing and Decluttering in the New Year


Happy New Year! I hope your 2021 is off to a relaxing and nice start. I’ll be parked on my couch watching football today, but I am excited for the fresh start of a new year and have been thinking of ways I can better organize and declutter my space. I wanted to share some great and affordable products I have or found for organizing and decluttering your space in the new year. 


In addition to finding ways to save rather than splurge, I’d like to decrease the amount of stuff I have. Investing in some good pieces that give things a home will hopefully make it clear what can go. I’ve rounded up 12 items that I already own that have helped me organize my space or items I’d like to add to help me declutter. I hope you find an item or two that may help you too!


1.    I’ve used this hot tool holder since I was in high school and love how it keeps my hair dryer, straightener and brush accessible but out of the way. Each item has a spot, and there is a compartment in the back to hold cords. I especially liked the holder when I was living in my dorm and sorority house because it made my hair/makeup station less cluttered with my tools and their cords.

2.    These acrylic trays are multifunctional and great storage that can sit out in your room. I use three trays to hold my earrings, but they can also be used for other jewelry, makeup or office supplies too. The tray has different sized compartments to hold a variety of items and better maximize space.

3.    If you’re looking to nicely organize your K cups without taking up drawer space, this rotating display would nicely store them on a countertop. I like that you can easily see all the pods at once to find which one you’re looking for.

4.    For easy desktop organization, this Poppin white cup is perfect. It holds plenty of writing utensils and has a front compartment that nicely fits sticky notes. I added a monogram sticker to mine to make it a bit more personal too.

5.    I needed a shoe organizer for my closet this year and ended up purchasing this one from Target. It was easy to assemble and hangs on the back of the door. I like that it is easy to see all my shoes at once and doesn’t take up additional space in my closet. I can fit three to four pairs per row and definitely recommend if you have a few too many like me.

6.    This bedside table organizer is one that has come in handier than I could’ve anticipated. It nicely stores my TV remote, Firestick remote and glasses. These three items are somewhat small and easy to lose, so I like that they have a home!

7.    Looking for a way to reduce hangers? These tiered skirt hangers have been really helpful in my closet. It takes up minimal space on the hanger rod but holds multiple skirts. 

8.    If you’re sharing cabinet space in an apartment, these acrylic bins would be really helpful. They can hold things like cans, snacks, pasta boxes and other more compact packages. I like that you can pull these out quickly to find something you need rather than having to take out items individually to find what you’re looking for.

9.    This two-drawer desk organizer is a great way to organize desk items that are smaller and need a home. I would stick crayons, glue sticks or other miscellaneous items I have for random things. I like that it hides these items and has a clean exterior.

10.  Whether you’re storing water bottles or seltzers in your refrigerator, this wider acrylic tray would nicely organize them and reduce space. 

11.  This can organizer would also help organize your fridge. It comes in a pack of four, so different types of cans could have their own tray. I may be wrong, but I think this would also help the cans roll forward making those at the back easier to get to.

12.  I added an acrylic monitor stand to my desk this year, and I’m really glad I did. This extra height on Zoom calls is a more flattering angle and gives me more desktop space to write notes while in class. 


I hope this provided some inspiration for your own 2021 decluttering. Happy organizing!

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