Three Types of Agendas for 2021


The new year is (finally) almost upon us! In addition to a fresh start, we also get to turn the page in our agendas. There are many new agendas out just in time for Jan. 1, so I wanted to share a few in case you’re in the market for a new one like me.


My agenda has had many functions throughout the past few years. In high school, I loved my Lilly Pulitzer agenda and its compact size to fit in my bag. I transitioned to a Day Designer in college to help me manage my day and my to-do list, which changed every day. Come 2020 and a year of changed plans and unpredictability, I now find myself using a combination of an online calendar for my schedule and a physical agenda for a daily and weekly to-do list and notable events or due dates. 


No matter what function your agenda serves in your life, there are plenty of styles out there to fit every need. I’ve rounded up a few for the new year based on design, so I hope you enjoy and find one that is perfect for your upcoming year.


Detailed Daily Schedule and To-Do List

If you’re someone who likes to write everything down and plan your day by the hour, a detailed daily schedule and to-do list may be the right fit for you. In addition to a monthly layout, the Day Designer and Simplified Planner have a two-column layout with the schedule on the left and a to list on the right. 


I’ve had four Day Designers in the past and really like the layout. You can set goals and reminders on the top of the page and write notes and a daily gratitude at the bottom. The Simplified Planner has the daily schedule and to-do list toward the top and the bottom of the page dedicated to notes. The Day Designer has a cleaner look while the Simplified Planners are more colorful. Many of the 2021 Simplified Planners are sold out, so check them out soon if you’re interested in snagging one!


Having a full page dedicated to each day helped me feel like I could write anything and everything down no matter how big the task, and the daily schedule was helpful in my earlier college days when everyday looked different depending on classes, meetings, errands, etc. Fair warning: because the planner has so many pages, these planners can be heavy in your backpack. You can get 15% off your purchase on the Day Designer site through tonight with code BYE2020.


Monthly and Weekly Overview

If you don’t need a full page for each day and want to see your whole week at once, an Erin Condren, weekly Day Designer or myAgenda may be a better fit for you. This format has both a monthly and weekly view to help visualize everything going on during the week.


The Erin Condren planners are popular because of their ability to be personalized. The covers come in many fun prints and colors, and you can also add your name or monogram as well. So fun!


I picked up a weekly Day Designer at Target last winter and am so glad I did! In this year of Zoom links and changing plans, a written daily schedule no longer fit my needs. Having a week at a glance and monthly view helped me more easily view what needed to be accomplished during the week and see what’s up.


My friend has a myAgenda and I am considering trying it out this year! I like that this weekly view is read from left to right rather than up to-down (sounds weird, but I appreciate that it parallels the monthly format). You can also personalize these agendas for an additional cost, and they are currently on major sale.


Dateless pages

If you have a superb memory and don’t write everything down, a dateless agenda may be a better fit for you. These are great for people who don’t need an agenda every day but still could use an agenda. These agendas have a similar design to those previously mentioned, but the pages are not dated so you don’t have to feel guilty about not using all the pages. For this format, I’d recommend the Day Designer or Evelyn Henson agendas.


The Today & To-Do Day Designer agenda is less expensive than the dated version and has a monthly and weekly view. The monthly view is split into two columns with a place to put events and activities on the left and a to-do list on the right. These come in three pretty colors and are rather professional looking in my opinion.


For a more fun and colorful option, I would recommend the undated weekly/monthly Evelyn Henson agenda. It is similar to the Day Designer in the weekly and monthly format but differs in that the weekly layout is not formatted into the two columns. 


There are a plethora of agenda options out there, but I hope this post provided some inspiration for your new agenda to fit your needs. I’m not sure which I will choose yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know once I do. I’d love to hear which you decide on too!

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