Junior Year Room Reveal


Better late than never! What better day to share my junior year room than the first week of senior year? 

I’m currently living in a fun apartment with some of my best friends, but I have to say I miss my junior year room a bit. I lived in my sorority house and was lucky to have a room all to myself, so it truly felt like my own little suite! This was such a fun place to live. Between getting ready for date parties to pizza parties to binging High School Musical: The Musical: The Series all in one night, it feels like I always had people over and it was the place to be. 


With no roommate but two twin size beds, my mom and I pushed them together to make what I liked to call a megabed. It measured similarly to a king and made more sense to layout my room this way. I added a king size mattress topper and used king sheets so I never felt like I was sleeping on two mattresses. This size also made the perfect spot for sleepovers with friends or visitors like my great grandbig and mom. Never thought my college experience would include sleeping in a king-size bed, but it was such a blast.


Because I had a twin-size bed my freshman and sophomore year, my freshman year headboard did not work with this bed (you can read my DIY headboard tutorial here!). My mom and I constructed a new headboard to fit the size using an insulation board that we had cut into three panels and carved the rounded corners prior to arriving and then assembled it in the room. We used foam padding to make it comfortable to lean against and a king size duvet cover for the fabric. The duvet cover came with pillow covers too, which provided an added bonus to help decorate, and I also brought the twin-size duvet cover for the end of my bed and reused my duvet from the past two years for that.


I reused most of the items from my freshman and sophomore year like the lamps, picture frames, desk hutch and other various décor. I added this white hanging light from IKEA (similar). There was very little floor space on the left side of the bed, so a hanging light worked perfectly for adding extra illumination in that area. I also added a valence above my window using leftover materials from my headboard. 

Because the room was designed and furnished for two people, I had two desks, two cabinets and two closets. I made the two desks into an “L” shape to better utilize the corner, and it served as a workstation for both school and beauty! I kept hair and makeup supplies in the pink box and my hot tools on the side desk. The desk had a drawer that I used for all my school supplies. The desks are not the prettiest color and are a dark wood which didn’t really fit the vibe of my room. I got thin wooden panels from Home Depot that I spray painted white and stapled white duck cloth the sides. To hide the staples, I added a pom pom ribbon. The whole project did not cost very much and made the room much more cohesive.


I positioned the two cabinet furniture pieces across from my bed with my TV on top. I added these two plastic trays in the open areas that held my snacks. Inside each cabinet I placed a three-drawer storage unit that held things like food, cleaning supplies, spare Target bags, etc. 

I reused my white rolling cart next to the cabinets to hold items like cups, mugs, vases and my reusable shopping bags, which I used often to carry small loads of laundry.

Another addition to the room was this pink rug. I was hesitant about the idea at first but quickly fell in love with it. It covered so much floor space and made the room feel much homier. The addition of white string lights also added a cozy feel to the room. As you entered the room there were closets on either side of the door and as you stepped beyond the entry, the ceiling raised up about a foot higher. This little space where the ceiling was elevated provided the perfect location for swoops of string lights that cast a soft light on my bed area. I also added another set of lights on my window. I know it sounds a little weird to put them on the window, but I’d plug them in at night with the sheer curtains closed, and it was so pretty!

This room was a bit different than my freshman and sophomore year rooms, but I absolutely loved how it turned out. Luckily my room this year looks super similar (aside from the megabed), and living with other people is so much fun. While I miss my little suite, I am so thankful for all the amazing memories that I had in this room. 

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