Sophomore Year Room Reveal


Better late than never, but I'm thrilled to be sharing my sophomore year room today! I love reading these types of posts and seeing how others decorate a space. This year, I lived in my sorority house and shared a room with my big. I had less space than freshman year (see my freshman year room here), but used many of the same decorations for this space. I was so happy with how it turned out and am going to miss this room. From movie nights to late nights studying, this room was full of action and will truly be missed.

The room came with the bed frame and an attached bookshelf, a cabinet and a desk. I didn't love all the dark wood, but really tried to brighten up the room by adding color in just about every place I could, ha! I wanted the room to be bright and colorful, but still functional, cozy and fun.

When opening the door to the room, the focal points were our beds. I had the left side of the room and used my white bedding from freshman year with a plethora of throw pillows again. Since I did not have a traditional headboard, I loved using my Leigh Deux headboard pillow as an extra layer between myself and the bookshelf. It was crucial for being comfortable while studying, sleeping or watching movies with friends. There was a shelf behind my pillows that served as a bedside table. Here I stored my TV remotes, water and phone for charging at night. I wanted a lamp by my bed to avoid those harsh overhead lights, and since a bedside table would look a little funky, I placed my pineapple lamp on top of the bookshelf. To cover up some of the bare white walls, I added a few pictures and prints to provide some color.

banner | denny chimes print (limited edition, similar) | gold frame | chair (Home Goods find) | pillow (similar and on sale)

Behind the door sat my chair with a pillow and my TV on the cabinet. I added a limited edition Evelyn Henson print of Denny Chimes (arguably one of my favorite prints of hers ever!) and a Gamma Phi banner. This spot was so cozy and the perfect place for guests to sit and chat for hours on end (oftentimes my little Daisy – our favorite visitor!).

The big book shelf provided a lot of storage for cubbies to hold just about everything that didn't go in the closet or in the drawers under my bed. I struggled organizing the items on the top shelves, but overall liked the open storage. This was my station for hair and makeup because of the mirror on the closet door, so I added the white rolling cart. On the top of the cart sat my hair supplies, and my hot tool holder latched on to the side of the cart. The shelves below were used for storage. 

The full-length mirror on the back of the closet door was a huge plus. The pom pom garland was a Christmas decoration, but the colors went with the room and was so fun I left it up for the rest of the year. I hung my towels on the back of the closet door and kept all my bags inside.

One of my favorite spots in the room was our gallery wall. My big and I each added pictures of our friends and sorority family as well as our individual bulletin boards to showcase our personalities. I updated a few of the picture frames throughout the year with events and constantly added little mementos to my bulletin board. This was a great solution to cover up the bare wall and I loved all the color it added to the back of the room.

We used my white pom pom curtains from last year. I love the sheerness of the curtains and all the natural light they let into the room. We also stuck a Command hook on the divider of the window where we hung wreaths or decorations for each holiday. As you can see, the Easter bunny was up while I took these pictures. I absolutely love decorating and this was such an easy way to add decorations to the room.

The final area of my room was my desk. My great-grandbig handed down the desk hutch that was the perfect dimensions for the desk. I used the top shelf for jewelry (peep some of my costume jewelry, haha), water bottles and canvases from my little. The second shelf was storage for school supplies. 

To my main desk area, I added a hot pink magazine holder from my desk last year and a lamp. Because there was no overhead light in the back of the room, this lamp was almost always on in the evening. One of my New Year's resolutions was to have flowers in my room because they instantly brighten my mood and I always look forward to seeing them. Flowers were a great addition to this area to add instant color. 

Under my desk was my cream ottoman (similar) I used as my step stool last year. The desk was too short for my chair and my big had the ottoman in navy under her desk. It was the ideal size and item for the spot.

I was thrilled with how the room turned out and feel like it really fit my personality, even if my personal space was a bit smaller than last year. I am currently working on planning out my room for next year and can't wait to continue with this bright color scheme and making it a comfortable space. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions about where anything is from!

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