22 Things to Do During Quarantine


What a crazy world out there right now. Last week was my spring break, and it looked quite a bit different than palm trees and sunshine. I’m not sure what your reality for the past week has looked like, but mine has been staying home with my family in social distancing.

UA has put classes online for the rest of the semester and Illinois has closed any businesses that are “non-essential,” so I’m gearing up for some time at home. I have more time on my hands than I know what to do with, so I have been working on a list of activities to do during quarantine. I thought I’d share in case you’re feeling a bit bored, too!

Read: I haven’t had time for much personal reading at school this semester, so I am enjoying having extra time to read at home! Just finished “Little Fires Everywhere.”

Color: My favorite artist Evelyn Henson made her coloring books free to download! Coloring is such a relaxing activity and is a great brain break from schoolwork.

Catch up on a show: I don’t watch much TV during the school year, so I’ve enjoyed watching a few of the shows on my list while I’ve been home. I’m all caught up on “Little Fires Everywhere” and almost through “The Morning Show,” and recommend both.  What are you watching? Any recommendations that I should add to my list?

Learn a TikTok dance: I won’t say I’m any good at them, but I have appreciated a reason to get up and move around for a bit. With everyone home, it feels like there are more to learn every day.

Participate in the Lilly design challenge: Each day on Instagram, the Lilly Pulitzer print designers have an art theme challenge. Last week themes ranged from butterflies to giraffes. Search #paintingalittlesunshine to check it out!

Call a friend: Thank goodness we’ve been encouraged to social distance during this day and age! I FaceTimed a few friends earlier this week and so enjoyed catching up with them. It feels odd to not spend time with people I used to see each day, so I know more FaceTime calls are in my future so I can “see” my friends. If you are feeling lonely or just missing your daily life, a call can make a big difference.

Clean out your camera roll: I have countless repeat pictures and screenshots on my phone that have no use now. The number of pictures on my phone is a bit embarrassing, so I am looking forward to cleaning that up during quarantine. Do you know what you have stored on your phone?

Updating my watch/phone/computer: Anyone else guilty of hitting the “remind me tomorrow” every day that your device reminds you to update? This current situation is a great time to hit "update now".

Unsubscribe from junk mail: If COVID-19 brought anything to my attention, it’s the amount of emails I am subscribed to from various companies. Last week I unsubscribed myself from most of my junk mail, and the feeling since has been 🙌I highly recommend it.

Closet clean out: No better time than quarantine for some spring cleaning! I have been itching to clean out my closet and will definitely have a few boxes for Goodwill when it reopens. With classes, you may want to just work on one drawer or shelf at a time.

Clean your desk: With classes online for the next month or so, having a usable workspace will be important. I’m working to give myself some normalcy by creating a place that is easy to work in with limited distractions. What was your workspace like at school? Did you have a desk or work at a large table at the library? Creating a space that feels familiar and comfortable will make it easier to continue working in this new environment.

Organize your digital desktop: I try my best to keep my computer organized with folders for each class, but it inevitably gets a bit busy sometimes. I will be taking a little time to clean it up. Online classes will take a lot more self-discipline and starting with an organized computer will be so beneficial.

Shop: My parents will not be thrilled I am suggesting this (oops) but hear me out. There are a ton of good sales going on right now. Find a staple or two from Loft or another store that sells your favorite work attire that might help you build a capsule wardrobe or for an event down the line (that won’t be cancelled). You’ll be glad you bought it at a better price!

Update your resume: You may not need an updated resume as soon as this is all over, but you’ll be glad you have it when you do need it. I'll be checking this off my list soon.

Update your LinkedIn: When was the last time you cleaned up your LinkedIn? After working on that resume, update your LinkedIn while you’re on a roll. 

Build a portfolio website: Where are my fellow PR/marketing majors?! Having a personal portfolio website can be helpful to have your writing and design samples all in one place. Mine took some work and time to put together, so now may be a good time to work on that. 

Organize your inbox: Labels on Gmail were a gamechanger for me. I love organizing by classes, work, extracurriculars and pretty much any facet of life. Here’s a great tutorial. (For an extra project, I like to correspond my labels with the event colors on my Google calendar. Type A, much?)

Start a blog: This may sound like a bigger task, but maybe you’ve always wanted to start one but don’t have the time. Now’s a great time to work on any bigger projects or ideas you may have. When else will we get a reason to stay home for weeks uninterrupted?! If you can't get out to create pictures, I suggest developing a content calendar so you can jump right in when it is safe to go back to different locations.

Online workout: As much as I’d love to go outside and walk, I got used to the southern temperatures and am a bit chilly here in the Midwest. I have a feeling an online workout class is in my future. There are a ton on YouTube if you search for the type of workout you’re looking for. For now, I have been trying different exercises aimed at key areas.

Help out The Confetti Foundation: Have you heard of The Confetti Foundation?! It’s an awesome nonprofit that throws birthday parties for children in the hospital. They are currently looking for help cutting banners and always accept homemade birthday cards. Find more info about helping hereI enjoy creating cards and knowing that they are going to brighten someone's day.

Order local: Treat yo’self to dinner delivered and leave a nice tip if you can! That's on tonight's agenda at our house.

Create a schedule: This is something I have yet to start on, but I am not the best at getting to bed at a reasonable hour at school. I am hoping to put myself on a more normal 9-5ish schedule while I am at home to enjoy my evenings.

I'd love to hear what you try and if you have any suggestions for how to creatively fill this time.

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