Monday Mix No. 3: The Container Store College Sale


Happy Monday! I cannot believe that we are in the final stretch of July... it feels like it was just the Fourth of July. Is anyone else's summer flying by?!

Though I hate to think of summer ending, stores are ready for back to school. The Container Store's sale is one to look through if you're going to college this fall. Whether you're moving in a dorm or need a little more organization than last year, it's a great time to shop storage solutions on sale. For 20% off your purchase, text COLLEGE to 22922 or sign up online here.

Today's Monday Mix contains items I have used in my dorm and sorority room the past two years and would recommend. You can see all the items in action in my freshman and sophomore room reveals. Any or all the items work easily in a dorm room no matter your style.  

I love this necklace stand as a way to display my jewelry and easily find the piece I'm looking for. I use it for more than necklaces and hang earrings and sunglasses on the branches too. It's a great way to see all your pieces rather than having to dig through a drawer, bag, etc.

I can echo all of my comments about the necklace holder for the matching bracelet holder. The two pair so well together and take up minimal room on a shelf.

The acrylic trays are what I'll be picking up from the sale. My earring collection has grown (oops), and I can no longer fit my earrings on both displays. The acrylic trays are a clean and easy way to store my extra pairs. I like that the dividers in the trays are moveable so you can design the trays to fit your need.

My hot tool holder is an item I've had for years and highly recommend. I use it for my hair dryer, straightener and brushes. I like that these items have a place to go and cool after I'm done using them rather than melt a surface and have cords laying everywhere. It can sit on a surface itself or hook onto a towel rod making it easy to use in a variety of spaces.

The Poppin desk organizer is another item I've used both before and during college. I think my love for desk organization dates back to the first grade, ha! I am a big fan of how the tray cleanly holds different desk supplies all in one place and doesn't take up too much workspace on the desk or in a drawer. You can also buy the pieces separately too.

This rolling cart is an item I've used two different ways. In my freshman year dorm, it slid under my bed and held cleaning supplies, extra contact solution, etc. Last year in my sorority room, the first shelf was a mini workstation and held all my hair supplies by the mirror where I did my hair. Underneath I held extra supplies again. The wheels make the cart easy to move around and the shelves hold so much. You can really use the cart however you see the need and it looks clean on its own or tucked away.

Let me know if you find any great items from The Container Store sale!

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