Freshman Year Dorm Room!


I am so excited to be sharing my freshman year dorm room with y'all! I moved in to my room at the University of Alabama just over a month ago and absolutely love my little space that I call my home away from home. My dorm room is a finalist in the Living Fresh Flip Your Dorm Scholarship Contest. I would really appreciate it if you could head over to their Instagram (@livingfreshbedding) and like my picture to vote for me! Thank you!

This year, I am living in a suite-style dorm. I have three roommates and we each have our own room. We have two bathrooms and a kitchenette as well. I love how spacious it is and how homey it feels. 

For my room, I really wanted it to fit my personal style and be more of a living space than a little beige box. I created a color palette and accent colors and worked from there. I knew I wanted to incorporate a few of my favorite colorful prints, too! I used hot pink, Caribbean blue, and seafoam green with accents of white and gold.

With touches of elephants, pineapples, personal pictures, and sorority decorations, I've created a space that doesn't even feel like a dorm. I love coming home to a bright, welcoming room that just feels like me. 

When opening the door to my room, you can see my bed (with my absurd amount of throw pillows), my bedside table, and my cubby storage unit. I selected a white duvet to easily compliment the various colors in the room. Living Fresh was so kind in sending the softest duvet that keeps me so cozy at night. I also have white sheets underneath from Living Fresh that make bedtime one of my favorite parts of the day.

My bed is just about three feet off the floor so I can store various items underneath. I keep my suitcase and dresser with extra supplies such as late night snacks. With my bed elevated so high, I use an ottoman to help me get up onto my bed. I glued a pink and white striped ribbon to this cream ottoman to help it better fit the room. The top of the ottoman is removable so I can use the inside for storage, too!

Next to my bedside table, I have a 3x3 cubby unit from Target. I use the various cubbies to hold clothes and extra hair and makeup supplies. The closed storage keeps my room looking clean while providing lots of storage. On top of the cubbies sits a tray with my daily makeup products and my holder for hair products. I have a similar set up at home, so it adds to the homey feeling of the room. I love being able to do my hair and makeup in my room so the shared bathroom space can stay clean. I personalized this area with a Gamma Phi Banner from Over the Moon and picture frames holding Lilly Pulitzer images.

My bed is one of my favorite parts of my room. I have a memory foam mattress and with the soft bedding from Living Fresh, it is more comfortable than my bed at home. My mom and I DIY-ed my headboard (stay tuned for a tutorial post!) and I love that it adds a bright pop of pink against the white bedding. My headboard pillow from Leigh Deux (c/o) is perfect against the headboard. It adds a nice cushion and helps me sit up straight when doing homework in bed. I may have gone slightly overboard with the throw pillows, but it makes it so fun to crawl into bed at night. 

My Let's Cha Cha Duvet at the end of my bed is from Garnet Hill but is unfortunately no longer available. After searching everywhere, I was able to track one down online! I am so thankful to have it since Let's Cha Cha is my favorite Lilly print!

To the left of the door to my room sits my desk. I replaced the chair that came with my room with one from Kohl's. It is so comfortable and I love that it goes with my room much better than the standard brown one. We covered my desk with white paper to brighten the room a bit more. On top of  my desk sits a white hutch (similar) that provides storage and decoration. After seeing Abby and Lindy's  dorm room in this video last year, I knew I could further brighten the space using mirrors and small lights inside the hutch. On top of the hutch, I put my bracelet/earring holder and necklace holder from The Container Store. I put my Lovers Coral memo board (c/o) in the center with stickers and cards I've received. To the right of the memo board sits my little elephant lamp that sits on top of books that I covered with paper from old Lilly agendas.

To the right of my desk, I have another cubby storage unit filled with items I need less often (it may not not look like it, but there is room to pull the cubbies out!). On top, I  covered it with Lilly print to make it a bit more colorful and added a lamp to provide more light to the room. I added an print from Evelyn Henson (similar) on the wall, a picture from my spring break in Mexico, and a recent picture from gameday. I also added a bulletin board that has pictures with friends from my sorority along with my bid day sign, fan, and game day button.

Behind my door, I have a full length mirror and put canvases on the wall. The elephant, pineapple, and palm tree canvases are from My Pink and Green Garden (c/o). My Gamma Phi canvas is from my sorority sister! I hung hooks on the back of my door to hold towels and my canvas Gamma Phi bag. Having storage on the back of my door is perfect for grabbing items quickly before heading out the door.

It's safe to say I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out! I love spending time in such a colorful place and it's fun to call this little corner my home away from home. Thank you for reading through this long post, but if you have questions about where anything is from feel free to leave a comment and I will be sure to respond.

Also, I would so appreciate you voting for my dorm room on the @livingfreshbedding Instagram page! All you have to do is like my photo - thank you in advance!!!


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