Easy Ways to Brighten a Bad Day


Anyone else feel like life can just put you in a rut every once in a while? They're really no fun and often leave me in a pretty bad mood. Over the course of the school year I felt like I experienced multiple ruts--whether it was just lots of homework in every class  leaving no time for anything else or putting in lots of effort and not getting the desired result.   But, along the way I have picked up a few tricks to help brighten my day in little ways!

Fresh Flowers // I love working next to bright flowers while blogging or doing homework. Whether they're freshly cut from my mom's garden or purchased at the store, they always bring  just enough color to help brighten any bad day. 
Time for Myself // Sometimes a half hour to watch an episode of my favorite show or just to nap is the perfect amount of relaxation that is needed. A bit of time for myself can be the perfect separation from the outside world.  While it can be tempting to take more time, a little break keeps me from getting behind and is just refreshing enough to re-energize me for the task at hand.
Start the Morning Right // Whether it's picking up my favorite fruit at the grocery store the night before or drinking hot chocolate on the way to school, there is something so rejuvenating about starting my morning with something I know I love! 
Doing My Nails // While I know it can be hard to fit this in with everything on the schedule, this simple action can be beneficial.  Feeling more put together is a simple way to give myself that needed boost and having my nails done is something I can enjoy for several days. 
Do Something Nice for Someone // I love knowing that something I did might have made someone's day better. While it doesn't exactly feel like my life is put together when I do this, it's a great and refreshing feeling to help someone else. 

What do you like to do to brighten a bad day? 

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  1. Fresh flowers definitely brighten up my day! I definitely agree. Going out your way to do something nice for another is definieyly heart warming!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.