Surviving a Stressful Week


A main reason for my silence on Let's Get Preppy over the past two months was largely due to schoolwork. I have been overwhelmed with everything I have had to complete as well as the upcoming AP exam. But, through these few stressful weeks I have picked up many habits that have become helpful for managing it all. I know this time can be crazy for others as well. So I thought I would share my tricks on the chance it might help others. So, here are my tips for surviving these busy and stressful weeks!

1.) Plan Out Your Week.
This has become a habitual event on my Sunday nights. I take five Post-It notes and title each with a day of the week. Then, I bullet point major projects, assignments, and tests that are due or occurring on that day. As the week goes on, I highlight the events that have already occurred and add any that are assigned during the week. After everything is highlighted on each day, I throw the Post-It away. This process not only allows me to see how much needs to be accomplished each day, but also helps me to see which nights will have less to do and thus are nights to complete longer term assignments.

2.) Quizlet is your BFF.
I am 100% that girl who uses Quizlet wherever I go and whenever I have time. Quizlet is an online study tool that I use to create practice quizzes.  It helps me to go back through my notes and type the definitions in myself as a refresher. I then practice the review set in various ways throughout the week. Plus, there are public sets that are already created as well. So if I don't have time to make a set myself, I usually am able to find someone else's review set to study.

3.) Give yourself breaks (in moderation).
It can do more harm than good to take a break that is too long. It can be hard to motivate yourself to get back to work and you can waste time you really need.  So knowing how long of a break you need in between hours of studying or between different assignments is crucial. As I plan a night of studying I build in scheduled breaks.  These breaks can be productive. Whether it's taking five minutes to clean one section of my room or thirty minutes to lay down, these breaks help me relax and clear my mind so when I continue I can be productive.

4.) Eat healthy.
It's so easy for me to stress eat during a busy week, however this is not good for my summer body nor my overall health. Eating well and drinking lots of water is crucial for staying hydrated and keeping my body in good shape when it's working hard to retain information. Additionally, I often will not have time to work out during these stressful weeks so eating better helps in this realm as well.

5.) Dress for Success!
It's so easy to put on a sweatshirt and running shorts after a late night with a stressful day ahead, however putting myself together physically makes me feel a bit more put together mentally. There is no need to dress up, jeans and a nice blouse can always do the trick!

How do you survive a stressful week? What are your tips for success?

Best of luck to everyone during these busy few weeks and on your AP exams!

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